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addressing rollout strategies and other details regarding COVID-19 vaccination in the U.S. ... Two recent studies looked at long-term effects of COVID-19, with differing findings.
January 2021

The push toward a COVID-19 vaccine

Bell noted—and the morbidity and mortality different groups face from COVID-19. ... Rachel Levine, MD, secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Health, addressed the politics of COVID-19 vaccination.
November 2020

ACP Internist

And sadly I have only seen it get worse because of COVID-19 restrictions, both in acute health care facilities (hospitals) and also sub-acute (rehabilitation). ... Chronic COVID-19 will cause much chronic disability, and society needs to fit that.
January 2021

COVID-19 treatment updates

The FDA has a trial currently on-going to test it's effectiveness in treating COVID-19. ... The FDA will certainly fast-track anything that proves to be helpful in treating COVID-19.
January 2021

Current Issue | November/December 2020 COVID-19 Preventive care still on during ...

Treating the lingering effects of COVID-19

D. -dimers?”. His COVID-19 recovery clinic also assesses patients' physical, mental, and emotional health. ... COVID-19 peer support at Montefiore was started by a patient of Dr.
January 2021

Behind the mask assessing risk in COVID-19: playing risk

Behind the mask assessing risk in COVID-19: playing risk. It's an earnest game, judging what risks are serious, which trivial, and how to balance them through daily life. ... Chronic COVID-19 will cause much chronic disability, and society needs to fit
January 2021

Getting patients to ‘yes' on COVID-19 vaccines

With the COVID-19 vaccines, the equivalent trendy worry is “It's going to mess with my DNA,” said Dr. ... The viral spread of ideas, as well as COVID-19, is important to remember in these efforts, Dr.
January 2021

Preventive care still on during COVID-19

Image by Geber86. COVID-19 may foster innovation in primary care as physicians describe various strategies to reconnect with patients, such as leveraging telemedicine visits to also explain the practice's ... As the pandemic stretches on into winter,
November 2020

We are wrong to pin our hopes on a COVID-19 vaccine

an effective COVID-19 vaccine that will be the end to all our woes. ... Finally, while we all wait for a COVID-19 vaccine and pins our hopes of resuming life on that milestone, what about all the other festering illnesses that may just kill
January 2021

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