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Physicians as patients with COVID-19

Burkard worked thirteen 12-hour days straight in the intensive care unit treating patients, nearly all of them sick with COVID-19. ... But her personal experience with COVID-19 has been brutal. Both of Dr.
January 2022


2% to 93.0%) against hospitalization and 91.9% effective (95% CI, 88.5% to 94.3%) against death from COVID-19. ... The therapies that do work for outpatients with COVID-19 in the omicron era were reviewed in a Viewpoint, also published by JAMA on Jan.
January 2022

ACP Internist

Kaiser Family Foundation reported 163,000 Covid-19 deaths could have been avoided since June 2021 if people were vaccinated. ... If COVID-19 vaccine has incredible safety and efficacy data, far superior to masking, then why doesn't the TSA require this?
January 2022

Health professionals lying about COVID-19

Health professionals lying about COVID-19. The COVID-19 pandemic continues. The 96% of COVID-19-immunized physicians in America are becoming infuriated by people resisting vaccine and masking. ... Many of these doctors have had their licenses revoked
January 2022

Current Issue | January 2022 Addiction and Substance Misuse Evaluating alcohol ...

COVID-19 treatment updates

The FDA has a trial currently on-going to test it's effectiveness in treating COVID-19. ... The FDA will certainly fast-track anything that proves to be helpful in treating COVID-19.
January 2022

Busting COVID-19 vaccination myths

Among ACP's membership, faith in COVID-19 vaccines does not appear to be compromised. ... del Rio and Manning to address questions and concerns about the COVID-19 vaccine.
November 2021


An article in the April 2021 ACP Internist offered experts' perspectives on allergies and COVID-19 vaccination. ... and other communities that have been disproportionately affected by COVID-19,” the authors said.
April 2021

Treating the lingering effects of COVID-19

D. -dimers?”. His COVID-19 recovery clinic also assesses patients' physical, mental, and emotional health. ... COVID-19 peer support at Montefiore was started by a patient of Dr.
January 2021


Experts gathered for the seventh ACP and Annals of Internal Medicine virtual forum on COVID-19. ... Finally, there were two COVID-19-related actions by the FDA last week.
December 2021

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