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5 big risk factors for getting very sick from coronavirus

5 big risk factors for getting very sick from coronavirus. As the toll from COVID-19 continues to climb, physicians and scientists are scrambling together the data, to determine why the ... March ( 14 ). February ( 21 ). January ( 13 ). December ( 22 ).
November 2020

Drive-in visits can fill the cracks of telemedicine's reach

With the uptake in telemedicine as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, it's important to remember that not every patient has access to the necessary technology, especially in rural ... Dr. Goggin's grandparents started the practice in the 1930s,
July 2020

Narrative medicine seeks the story behind the illness

For example, one course examines society's response to COVID-19 using the historical example of responses to HIV/AIDS. ... Schaff. USC's program will be online-only due to concerns around COVID-19.
October 2020

When should we open the economy after coronavirus?

What happens when COVID-19 rates rise as the economy is revived? ... March ( 14 ). February ( 21 ). January ( 13 ). December ( 22 ). November ( 19 ). October ( 18 ). September ( 20 ). August ( 14 ). July ( 25 ). June ( 21 ). May ( 27 ). April ( 15 ).
November 2020

Weeks into this, inadequate PPE is a national disgrace to America

For anyone not medically trained reading this—the main protective equipment needed by doctors and nurses before entering a COVID-19 patient's room, is an N95 respirator, face shield, gown, ... March ( 14 ). February ( 21 ). January ( 13 ). December (
November 2020

Internists must navigate multiple worlds during the pandemic

Addressing the COVID-19 pandemic has cast a bright light on the value of the internist. ... None of us trained for COVID-19, yet at the same time we were all trained for this challenge.
October 2020

We must rise with the occasion and save our country

care workers who are valiantly doing all they can to save our country from a highly infectious and often lethal pandemic disease, COVID-19. ... policies to help physicians save as many of us as possible from COVID-19 while keeping themselves safe as well.
May 2020

Shaken, but not deterred

As I write this column now in late March, the president has declared a national emergency and the COVID-19 pandemic has arrived at our shores.
May 2020

The 2020 election and the future of health care

He has said he will defer to science and scientists on testing, social distancing, vaccine development, and therapies to mitigate and end the COVID-19 pandemic. ... Just imagine how much better U.S. health care would have been if these, and other
October 2020

Nominees named for College Officer and Regent positions

Interprofessional Partnership Committee, 2019-2020; Member, Credentials Committee, 2019-present; Chair, Awards Committee, 2020-present; Member, Health and Public Policy Committee, 2020-present; Member, Advisory Group on COVID-19 Social Distancing
November 2020

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