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Latest updates on ACP's priorities, initiatives

Image by porcorex. ACP recently published new clinical and public policy guidance on “Partial Resumption of Economic, Health Care and Other Activities While Mitigating COVID-19 Risk and Expanding System Capacity.” ... In support of ACP's
July 2020

Antibody testing is our path back to work

Protection of health workers by showing who is at low risk to care for COVID-19 patients. • ... Los Angeles County started testing 1,000 randomly selected residents to see if they have antibody to COVID-19.
November 2020

New modalities may extend treatment for insomnia

Image by microgen. ACP published a clinical practice guideline in the July 19, 2016, Annals of Internal Medicine recommending that for initial treatment of chronic insomnia disorder, “all adult patients receive ... for all of us who are doing our CBTI
November 2020

'We called and called'

March ( 14 ). February ( 21 ). January ( 13 ). December ( 22 ). November ( 19 ). October ( 18 ). September ( 20 ). August ( 14 ). July ( 25 ). June ( 21 ). May ( 27 ). April ( 15 ). March ( 24 ). February ( 27 ). January ( 18 ). December (
November 2020

Helping shield clinicians and the community from contagion

Face shields on top of masks may be another avenue in fighting the global COVID-19 pandemic. ... Masks are a key tool in the fight against COVID-19, but they also pose some problems.
July 2020

Will telemedicine be the new normal?

COVID-19 will revolutionize telemedicine and I don't see us ever going back. ... For the COVID-19 pandemic, video visits have provided safety to patients and office staff by limiting exposure to sick people.
November 2020

Lessons from a pandemic, part 2

Lessons from a pandemic, part 2. A few weeks ago, I wrote a piece on the lessons I learned from the beginning weeks of the COVID-19 pandemic in Iowa. ... If any of you feel like I do, three weeks in COVID time seems like a year.
November 2020

How ‘seeing’ a patient has changed

Given the pandemic, it is often difficult for elderly and immunocompromised patients to travel to see their doctor because of their increased susceptibility to not only COVID-19 but also various ... When COVID-19 hit the United States, CMS and private
October 2020

STIs on the rise

Internal Medicine Meeting, which this year has been canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
April 2020

Moving the face shield strategy to the community

Shields alone are worn for non-COVID-19 care. For the care of COVID-19 patients, masks are added beneath the shield, except in the instance of aerosol-generating procedures, when ... Could we expect that face shields are at least 40% effective in
November 2020

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