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Peripheral artery disease

due to the COVID-19 pandemic, resulting in missing data.
April 2021

Facts about hydroxychloroquine and COVID-19

Some studies are showing that the drug can work in cell cultures against COVID-19. • ... Health professionals and experts are saying “hydroxychloroquine is not a harmless panacea for COVID-19.”.
April 2022

Corona COVID-19 facts for you

A: Both SARs and COVID-19 viruses behave the same on solid surfaces. ... A: There is no evidence that Ibuprofen worsens the effect of COVID-19.
April 2022

COVID-19 fatigue, the good and the bad

COVID-19 fatigue is part depression, part anxiety, part fear with a hint of hopelessness thrown in. ... COVID-19 is especially cruel to people who are overweight, have hypertension, diabetes, and liver disease.
April 2022

My ‘Zoom’ presidency

momentous leaps toward achieving post-COVID-19 innovations and advances in patient care, in medical education, and within the College. ... as well as to the ebbs and surges of COVID-19 infection within our community.
September 2020

Evaluating alcohol use in ‘Dry January’

This opportunity may be even more timely during the COVID-19 pandemic, which has seen increased alcohol sales and consumption. ... Research is beginning to reveal such harms linked to increased drinking during the COVID-19 pandemic.
January 2022

Peers offer welcome, ongoing support

issues. One physician got in touch with Liz Lawrence, MD, FACP, after several patients died of COVID-19 on a single hospital shift. ... The UNM School of Medicine program had barely launched before the surge of COVID-19 patients arrived in spring 2020, Dr
January 2021

A new vision for health care

During the COVID-19 crisis, the College has been hard at work providing daily updated information on COVID-19 and advocating intently for internists, as seen in the final provisions of ... Q: How might the COVID-19 pandemic be different if this new
July 2020

Death counts from COVID-19 underestimate actual numbers!

Death counts from COVID-19 underestimate actual numbers! I have recently become aware that some people are mistakenly getting suspicious that COVID-19 death counts are an overestimate. ... The bottom line is that, when we finally have all the data, our
April 2022

Antibody testing for COVID-19: Not so fast

We don't know if the formation of COVID-19 antibodies varies by age. ... Can we live with uncertainty? COVID-19 is teaching us how. We need to listen. .
April 2022

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