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Pandemic parenting as a physician

Before the COVID-19 pandemic started, David Alfandre, MD, MSPH, and Heather E. ... The arrival of COVID-19 in New York City highlighted the value of this kind of tradeoff.
October 2020

COVID-19 Quarantine: Are we afraid of going back?

COVID-19 Quarantine: Are we afraid of going back? Gov. Brad Little of Idaho issued a statewide ”stay at home” order at the end of March and my little town has ... No worries. We will not be going back. It is not at all clear what the configuration of
November 2020

Behind the mask: school days

Behind the mask: school days. Reopening our schools during the COVID-19 pandemic is on everyone's minds, and the outlines of the conflict are at this point clear to many: ... Decisions may reinforce inequity. Specific statistical models are available for
November 2020

Getting to the new normal

Paradoxically, the beautiful spring and the COVID-19 pandemic are concurrent. But that is life, isn't it? ... The COVID-19 pandemic has thrust us into a historic, strange, and surreal new world.
June 2020

The pain of 2020 and the hope for 2021

We have suffered more than 200,000 deaths from COVID-19, with more to come. ... We are in desperate need of an intermission from the COVID-19 saga, the political division, and the civil unrest of 2020.
November 2020

Resources for palliative care in a pandemic

Respecting Choices provides free scripts for advance care planning discussions around COVID-19. ... Vital Talk has developed a playbook of tips for talking about COVID-19.
May 2020

Educators, are you ready for your close-up?

ACP is offering the following resources for educators during the COVID-19 pandemic:. ... Also see this issue's story about telemedicine.). “COVID-19: An ACP Physician's Guide & Resources” offers a wealth of resources and is being consistently updated
October 2020

Medical homes for homeless patients during COVID-19

COVID-19 has changed medical care for everyone, but one group uniquely affected is patients experiencing homelessness. ... COVID-19 has also thrown racial and ethnic disparities in health care into stark relief.
September 2020

Extended-release metformin recalled due to impurity

The FDA has also authorized two COVID-19 diagnostic tests, performed at specific laboratories, for use with samples collected using the kit. ... decontaminate only compatible N95 or N95-equivalent respirators for reuse during the COVID-19 pandemic.
July 2020

Home BP monitoring works, but not as well alone

Home blood pressure monitoring can also improve access to care, which is especially important during the COVID-19 pandemic, when patients may be reluctant to attend in-person visits. ... The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act has
November 2020

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