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COVID-19 vaccine development must balance speed, safety

Multiple methods and numerous trials are underway in an attempt to develop a vaccine to end the COVID-19 pandemic. ... The race is on to develop a vaccine to help end the COVID-19 pandemic, with more than 100 potential candidates in various stages of
June 2020

Facts about hydroxychloroquine and COVID-19

Some studies are showing that the drug can work in cell cultures against COVID-19. • ... Health professionals and experts are saying “hydroxychloroquine is not a harmless panacea for COVID-19.”.
November 2020

COVID-19 and primary care

It's well known that the United States has struggled with a coordinated response to the COVID-19 pandemic. ... are vital to managing COVID-19 in particular and the health care system in the United States in general.
July 2020

Corona COVID-19 facts for you

A: Both SARs and COVID-19 viruses behave the same on solid surfaces. ... A: There is no evidence that Ibuprofen worsens the effect of COVID-19.
November 2020

Testing offers hope, no panacea for COVID-19 control

Q: What are the differences among the types of available COVID-19 tests? ... hours later repeating another COVID-19 test, with two negative consecutive tests supporting a decision to discharge.
June 2020

COVID-19 fatigue, the good and the bad

COVID-19 fatigue is part depression, part anxiety, part fear with a hint of hopelessness thrown in. ... COVID-19 is especially cruel to people who are overweight, have hypertension, diabetes, and liver disease.
November 2020

10 tips for well-being amid COVID-19

In addition, connecting around difficult events can help clinic staff process the harsh realities of COVID-19, said Dr. ... With information on COVID-19 constantly updating, “It's like a fire hose, 24/7,” said Dr.
July 2020

Advocacy in the time of COVID-19

September marks the sixth month since the United States began shutting down because of COVID-19. ... We spoke out against discrimination against Asian American physicians and patients and for the need to address racial and ethnic disparities in infections
September 2020

Latest updates on ACP's priorities, initiatives

An ACP guide to telehealth coding and billing for COVID-19 is online. ... More information about ACP advocacy efforts related to COVID-19 can be found online.
May 2020

Sinking in Bed Syndrome has been made worse by COVID-19

Sinking in Bed Syndrome has been made worse by COVID-19. There's a condition that I call ”Sinking in Bed Syndrome,” which is one of the biggest epidemics affecting ... And sadly I have only seen it get worse because of COVID-19 restrictions, both in
November 2020

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