While physicians have an important role in supporting patients during the grieving process and guiding them to bereavement resources they may lack training in this area Image by Robert Kneschke

Supporting grieving patients after a loss

There are ways to talk to patients after the death of a loved one, recognize tips for diagnosing and managing prolonged grief disorder, and access grief counselors for referral.

The more you know … the more you know

Physicians should be in charge of health care teams because of the breadth and quality of their medical education.

New year, new chances to advocate for physicians, patients

ACP played an essential role in several important health policy wins for physicians and their patients in 2022.

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Two ACP members toured two US Customs and Border Protection facilities near the TexasslashMexico border Image by Seth Tipton

IM physicians join health inspections at the border

Two ACP members toured Customs and Border Protection (CBP) facilities near the Texas/Mexico border to evaluate the processes and environmental conditions affecting human health at the facilities.

For transgender patients creating a welcoming office environment means thinking about the entire patient encounter beginning from when patients start searching for a physician and when they check in

Overcoming care barriers for transgender patients

Negative experiences for transgender patients can be avoided through gender-affirming care by physicians.

3 physical exam pearls for patients with pain

Pearl No. 1: The Carnett sign can help clinicians determine if imaging is needed to diagnose pain.

How you can integrate behavioral health in your practice

Behavioral health integration (BHI) is a way for primary care practices to address patients' behavioral and mental health needs.

Tracheostomy tube shortage; fire risk with diabetes device

This column reviews recent recalls, alerts, and approvals.

15th annual Global Forum highlights lessons learned from COVID-19

At ACP's Global Forum in Chicago, attendees discussed how internal medicine specialists have been essential in addressing the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

MKSAP Quiz: Hospitalization for dyspnea, night sweats, productive cough

A 72-year-old man is hospitalized for dyspnea, night sweats, and productive cough; symptoms began 8 months ago. He also reports a 9.1-kg (20 lb) weight loss over the past 12 months. Medical history is notable for COPD. Following a physical exam, lab tests, and a chest radiograph, what is the most likely causative organism?

MKSAP image  American College of Physicians

New guidance, treatments for IBS

This month's issue addresses irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), bereavement among patients, and transgender care.

Latest updates on ACP's priorities, initiatives

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The College notes the passing of Michael F. Rein, MD, MACP; William R. Smith, MD, MACP; Cyril (Kim) M. Hetsko, MD, MACP; and Alan Gordon, MD, MACP.

Upcoming Chapter meetings announced

The following are scheduled for winter 2023.

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