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Latest COVID-19 research looks at serologic testing, transmission with nonsevere disease

Other studies suggested frailty and viral load may be used to inform care decisions in the hospital and looked at mobility during the pandemic.

Short courses of steroids linked to severe adverse events

Courses of oral corticosteroids for 14 or fewer days are associated with GI bleeding, sepsis, and heart failure, with the highest risks occurring within the first month of initiation, according to a Taiwanese study.

MKSAP Quiz: Decreased libido, fatigue

A 32-year-old man is evaluated for decreased libido and fatigue. His symptoms have increased over the last 6 months. Following a physical exam and visual exam, what is the most appropriate diagnostic test to perform next?

New ACP position paper explores ethical guidance for electronic patient-physician communication

The paper offers recommendations for navigating e-communication, privacy and confidentiality, and practice considerations to try to align patient and physician expectations.

Delayed antibiotics for upper respiratory tract infections associated with infection-related hospital admissions

Delayed prescribing should be better targeted to patients with lower risks of complications, the study authors wrote.

And the winner is …

ACP Internist Weekly has tallied the voting from its latest cartoon contest, where readers are invited to match wits against their peers to provide the most original and amusing caption.