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It compared 47,780 British patients hospitalized with COVID-19 and discharged alive to about 50 million matched controls. ... The study also found increased diagnoses of respiratory disease, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease in the COVID-19 group.
April 2021


The NIH's COVID-19 treatment guidelines panel provided guidance on triaging monoclonal antibody therapy on Sept. ... Several studies provided further evidence of the safety and effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines.
September 2021


A study published by Clinical Infectious Diseases on April 2 identified characteristics of patients hospitalized with COVID-19 that were associated with better outcomes. ... Potential interactions between COVID-19 and angiotensin-converting enzyme
April 2020


A total of 39 breakthrough infections were identified by testing based on symptoms or exposure to COVID-19. ... Our study encompasses the whole first wave of the COVID-19 outbreak in Sweden,” the authors noted.
August 2021

Latest updates on ACP's priorities, initiatives

ACP is partnering with YouTube to create new educational content to help combat health misinformation about the COVID-19 virus, vaccination, and treatments. ... More on COVID-19 myths and misinformation is available in this issue.
November 2021

ACP convenes, in person and virtually, for Internal Medicine Meeting 2022

in Washington, D.C., and ACP's ninth COVID-19 forum. ... In other news, ACP and Annals of Internal Medicine held a ninth COVID-19 forum on May 24, highlighting new data on postacute sequelae of COVID-19 (PASC) and offering practical
July 2022


Several recent studies have provided insight into variation in outcomes from COVID-19. ... corticosteroids, suggesting that these medications should not be used for protection against COVID-19.
September 2020

Down syndrome

Down syndrome is also associated with high risk for death from COVID-19, a new study found. ... Adjusted for age and sex, the hazard ratio (HR) for COVID-19-related death in adults with Down syndrome was 24.94 (95% CI, 17.08 to 36.44).
October 2020


Emerging data are showing cardiac injury to be common among patients with COVID-19 and associated with worse outcomes. ... Possible treatments for COVID-19 were reviewed in an article published by Open Forum Infectious Diseases on March 23.
March 2020


The first month of COVID-19 vaccine safety monitoring found relatively few adverse events, according to a CDC report published Feb. ... In other vaccine news, the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) released its 2021 Recommended Adult
February 2021

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