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Experts agree on principles of diabetes care

2. Manage prediabetes. 3. Provide self-management education and support. 4. Provide individualized nutrition therapy.
February 2015

Attribution error confounds a diagnosis after colon cancer

Dr. Esber was struck by the history of poor food intake reported by the patient's family. ... Esber said. Her leg pain improved. The patient was discharged to a skilled nursing facility with instructions to provide thiamine replacement until she could
July 2010

Musical diets: You can dance if you want to

Musical diets: You can dance if you want to. We are no strangers to a dizzying array of distorted headlines about diet. ... Except then headlines told them all that vegetarian diets were bad for them now.
July 2020

A comparison of low carb and low fat diets

Many people are passionate about their favorite diet, but there is very little data comparing different diets to each other. ... If you do best with a low fat diet, consider a diet that is radically low in fat, like a plant-based vegan diet without
July 2020

Managing food poisoning's aftermath in ambulatory care

Have they eaten out? How recently? How do they prepare food at home? ... Kassanoff, referring to plans that restrict fermentable oligosaccharide, disaccharide, monosaccharide, and polyols in the diet, known as low-FODMAP diets.
October 2016

Doctors don't have to dread discussing dieting

Only something like a quarter of medical schools even have a course in nutrition. ... The prescription is a voucher, which can be cashed in for fresh food at local farmers' markets.
November 2012

Guidelines diminish cholesterol worries

According to this latest report, the “food environment” influences a person's diet and that of the family. ... The food environment includes the marketing and abundance of relatively cheap processed foods and meals.
June 2015

Diabetes remission through diet may be doable, with support

Another small but longer trial, published in December 2017 by Nutrition and Diabetes, randomized 16 adults to a very low-carb ketogenic diet and 18 adults to a moderate-carb, ... Eligible participants had to be willing to eat either diet, be willing to
May 2018

Letters to the Editor

One area that was left out of the article was the potential useful effect of healthy nutrition on rheumatoid arthritis. ... components) to improve their arthritic symptoms when they go on vegan diets for heart disease or cancer.
September 2010

Guidelines on chest pain therapy; antidepressants ranked

In the randomized controlled trial, researchers assigned 338 women to either an intensive six-month weight-loss program that included diet, exercise and behavior modification or a structured education program. ... In the intervention group, women met
March 2009

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