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Dumping drugs puts traces of meds in taps

Prescribe exercise, nutrition and good sleep hygiene. Source: “The Afterlife of Drugs and the Role of PharmEcovigilance,” Christian G.
February 2009

Well-being assessment considers more than physical health

For example, ZIP codes only a few miles away from each other had an 18-year difference in life expectancy, with residents in poorer areas lacking in healthy food options, safe ... Rebecca J. Kurth, MD, FACP, an internist in New York City, focuses on 4
October 2016

New drugs approved for type 2 diabetes and COPD

Dapaglifozin (Farxiga) to treat type 2 diabetes, along with diet and exercise.
March 2014

Look for subtle differences when evaluating acute diarrhea

Schiller said, including Rehydralyte and Ricalyte. Unless the patient is responding to a food allergy, there are no specific diet restrictions for acute diarrhea, Dr. ... Schiller said. Patients whose diarrhea is a response to specific foods or
September 2009

New diabetes drug, LABA for COPD, skin antibiotic approved

Empagliflozin (Jardiance) to treat type 2 diabetes in addition to diet and exercise.
October 2014

Doripenem not for pneumonia; migraine device approved

Metreleptin for injection (Myalept) to treat the complications of leptin deficiency, in addition to diet, in patients with congenital generalized or acquired generalized lipodystrophy.
May 2014

Investing in EHRs pays off in paperless perks

about diet and exercise, for easy access and documentation, she said.
February 2008

Volunteer internists help to rebuild Haiti

We're morphing into a chronic care, post-quake care hospital and also a refugee camp in that many patients have relatives and we have had to provide food and water
May 2010

Research challenges diverticulitis dogma

She described a low-risk lifestyle as one that includes a diet of less than 51 g of red meat and more than 23 g of dietary fiber per day, at ... Historically, treatment for diverticulitis has consisted of a clear liquid diet and a course of antibiotics,
July 2018

Act early to counter rise in osteoporosis

They can emphasize bolstering strong bones through good nutrition and weight-bearing exercise, as well as avoiding risk factors such as smoking and excessive alcohol consumption, she said.
January 2017

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