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The greatest diet myth of all

7) Do you agree that best diets minimize fast food, junk food, and hyper-processed food in general? ... 8) Do you agree that best diets emphasize recognizable foods direct from nature?
October 2020

Dietitians, food and truth: winds of change?

Money tends to flow most readily to an organization advising the public on food choice from the entities most interested in the public choosing their foods. ... Hyperbolic headlines, and competing fad diets create cover for the manipulations of Big Food,
October 2020

A few tips can improve older patients' memory

When patients report memory problems, it's also worthwhile to assess their nutrition status, especially B vitamins and protein. ... Older patients sometimes end up limiting their diet to what is convenient.
January 2013

Managing risk: a little attention equals a lot of prevention

Store medicine and vaccine supplies separately from food and drinks, and from human specimens. ... Use signs to label each refrigerator's purpose (i.e., food, medication, specimens).
April 2008

‘Unlearning’ how to prescribe antibiotics

The antibiotic provisions, which fell under the Food and Drug Administration Safety and Innovation Act, included a five-year extension on exclusivity for new antibiotics and garnered the IDSA's support.
September 2012

Tread lightly: Discussing obesity difficult for internists

John La Puma, FACP, director of the Santa Barbara Institute for Medical Nutrition and Healthy Weight, agreed. ... For example, physicians could share general information about health, diet, exercise and weight.
July 2011

FDA issues alert for CellCept, recalls for Solodyn, Digitek

cepacia. A voluntary recall of Viril-Ity Power Tabs and an alert not to use Xiadafil, both dietary supplements for erectile dysfunction that are sold online and/or at natural food ... An 8-microgram dose is taken twice daily with food and water.
July 2008

A comparison of low carb and low fat diets

Many people are passionate about their favorite diet, but there is very little data comparing different diets to each other. ... If you do best with a low fat diet, consider a diet that is radically low in fat, like a plant-based vegan diet without
October 2020

Musical diets: You can dance if you want to

Musical diets: You can dance if you want to. We are no strangers to a dizzying array of distorted headlines about diet. ... Except then headlines told them all that vegetarian diets were bad for them now.
October 2020

What works well for weight loss

Photo by Kevin Berne. Nutrition and weight loss have become crucial issues to internists. ... In addition to learning about nutrition, patients should have a strategy for self-monitoring.
June 2017

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