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A comparison of low carb and low fat diets

Many people are passionate about their favorite diet, but there is very little data comparing different diets to each other. ... If you do best with a low fat diet, consider a diet that is radically low in fat, like a plant-based vegan diet without
December 2019

Letters to the Editor

One area that was left out of the article was the potential useful effect of healthy nutrition on rheumatoid arthritis. ... components) to improve their arthritic symptoms when they go on vegan diets for heart disease or cancer.
September 2010

Is a high calcium diet and calcium supplementation bad for you?

Information about calcium intake was taken from the subjects' reports of diet and supplement use, which was further validated by phone interviews of recent food intake. ... It has been part of our general medical wisdom for my many years of practice to
December 2019


But yeah, surgery isn't something to treat lightly.”. “My relationship with food has never been healthy.”. ... I told her about this 12-step organization that tackled food relationships much like other tried and true organizations helped patients
December 2019

The DIE-t order

with uber fries and a diet Coke then the next diagnostic and therapeutic step. ... As a rule of thumb, three days without food should be the temporal trigger for initiating some form of nutrition.
December 2019

Salt in the wound

We can reduce our intake by eating less highly processed food, which is the source of nearly 80% of the sodium in our diets. ... When it comes to science in general, and nutrition in particular, that’s never good.
December 2019

NAFLD treatment starts with weight loss, then other modes

Patients with NAFLD often have diets high in saturated fat and cholesterol and low in polyunsaturated fat, fiber, and antioxidant vitamins C and E. ... It's not just the food; it's also the activity level that they incorporate into their day-to-day
July 2016

Breast cancer and teen diets, what and when it's important

Especially for young girls, we should keep our focus on the positive, getting more of the good, health-supportive foods into her diet, rather than on the negative. ... If we persevere in our efforts, these nutrient-dense foods will ultimately crowd out
December 2019

Guidelines on chest pain therapy; antidepressants ranked

In the randomized controlled trial, researchers assigned 338 women to either an intensive six-month weight-loss program that included diet, exercise and behavior modification or a structured education program. ... In the intervention group, women met
March 2009


It waxes and wanes with diet, activity, stress, and more in an often unpredictable pattern that results in frequent need for hospitalization, and very high costs. ... We can make CoQ10, but not with great efficiency, and get much of what we need from food
December 2019

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