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Salt in the wound

We can reduce our intake by eating less highly processed food, which is the source of nearly 80% of the sodium in our diets. ... When it comes to science in general, and nutrition in particular, that’s never good.
September 2019

New heart disease test, drugs for flu, weight management

A new form of liraglutide (Saxenda) for chronic weight management, in addition to a reduced-calorie diet and physical activity.
March 2015

Act early to counter rise in osteoporosis

They can emphasize bolstering strong bones through good nutrition and weight-bearing exercise, as well as avoiding risk factors such as smoking and excessive alcohol consumption, she said.
January 2017

Tread lightly: Discussing obesity difficult for internists

John La Puma, FACP, director of the Santa Barbara Institute for Medical Nutrition and Healthy Weight, agreed. ... For example, physicians could share general information about health, diet, exercise and weight.
July 2011

Learn to see signs of an often fatal disease

Other patients are prescribed inhalers, exercise and diet changes to cope with their symptoms, but none of those are effective.
April 2013

Look for subtle differences when evaluating acute diarrhea

Schiller said, including Rehydralyte and Ricalyte. Unless the patient is responding to a food allergy, there are no specific diet restrictions for acute diarrhea, Dr. ... Schiller said. Patients whose diarrhea is a response to specific foods or
September 2009

Work-life balance easily upset, tough to restore

Lesser.“ I think there is an acknowledgement now that hospitals really shouldn't be junk food repositories,” he said. ... Assessment of food offerings and marketing strategies in the food-service venues at California Children's Hospitals.
April 2013

A few tips can improve older patients' memory

When patients report memory problems, it's also worthwhile to assess their nutrition status, especially B vitamins and protein. ... Older patients sometimes end up limiting their diet to what is convenient.
January 2013

Allergist offers answers for internists' practice encounters

The biggest risk factor for fatal food-induced anaphylaxis is“ asthma, asthma, asthma,” Dr. ... Exercise-induced anaphylaxis is associated with food allergy, especially to wheat, in 30% of cases, Dr.
June 2010

Volunteer internists help to rebuild Haiti

morphing into a chronic care, post-quake care hospital and also a refugee camp in that many patients have relatives and we have had to provide food and water for them.”.
May 2010

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