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May 2019

Regents act to boost public view of primary care

Publicize to College members the possible dangers of signing ambiguous forms from health insurers, and highlight cases where companies implemented misleading or fraudulent policies.
May 2009

Will U.S. physicians swim or sink in changing health care waters?

to highlight the letter from the American College of Physicians.
September 2013

Dollars, denominators, and risk adjustment

Dollars, denominators, and risk adjustment. Because not everyone who reads this blog reads the comments, I wanted to highlight these particularly insightful observations about Mike Edmond, MD, FACP's post on
September 2019

ACP services satisfy a broad array of internists' needs

Consider this admittedly incomplete list of some of the highlights. Over the past 2 years, ACP members have seen the most dramatic change in the presentation of Annals of Internal Medicine
November 2013

Is medical research rigged?

Medical progress does not proceed linearly. Although I am a neophyte here, I will offer some examples to readers highlight defects in study design that can lead to tantalizing and exaggerated
September 2019

Accidental smartness

It was not at all planned, nor would it ever be something you'd read about in business magazines (Forbes, Popular Mechanics, or Highlights).
September 2019

Should you eat pasta?

As diverse studies continue to highlight the health benefits of traditional Mediterranean dietary patterns, enthusiasm for them among experts in nutrition is predictably strong and widespread.
September 2019

An alarming advance in computerized monitoring

Adding that simple layer of nuance can highlight more critical alerts, thus ensuring more doctors will pay attention to them.
September 2019

Internal Medicine 2014: Orlando sun and Doctor's Dilemma® fun

This year's competition will narrow 40 teams down to a top 4 who will compete at the conclusion of the final session, which will feature meeting highlights and take-home
March 2014

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