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Our new Web site and blog offer more news, more often

Many readers have already discovered ACP Internist's blog, which is updated daily with the latest studies from scientific journals, highlights of medical conferences and other news of note.
November 2008

Letters to the Editor

Some of the changes that Dr. Baron highlights, such as adding a zoom function to photos on the exam or permitting the use of clinical formulas such as the Framingham risk
March 2014

Repeal and ... then what?

Here are a few“ highlights”:.• Despite having 8 years to figure out what brilliant alternative to Obamacare they would like to see, it seems that Republicans have no plan beyond repeal.
September 2019

The story continues … online

In addition to providing highlights from other sources, our writers regularly attend major medical conferences and provide their own daily updates on the blog.
February 2009

Editor's Note: Zeroing in on SIBO

We look forward to bringing you some highlights! Share yours with us at
May 2019

Regents act to boost public view of primary care

Publicize to College members the possible dangers of signing ambiguous forms from health insurers, and highlight cases where companies implemented misleading or fraudulent policies.
May 2009

Will U.S. physicians swim or sink in changing health care waters?

to highlight the letter from the American College of Physicians.
September 2013

Government exercise guidelines

Without further ado, some highlights:. For adults, 2.5 hours a week of moderately intense aerobic activities, like brisk walking or gardening, is enough to yield big benefits.
September 2019

Stroke 2009: Time is brain

to highlight (that for) patients who get to hospitals early, we need to match that effort, and treat those patients more quickly," Dr.
September 2019

Mental health needs integration into the primary care setting

highlights for the blog.
September 2019

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