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Government exercise guidelines

Without further ado, some highlights:. For adults, 2.5 hours a week of moderately intense aerobic activities, like brisk walking or gardening, is enough to yield big benefits.
November 2019

Stroke 2009: Time is brain

to highlight (that for) patients who get to hospitals early, we need to match that effort, and treat those patients more quickly," Dr.
November 2019

Cleaning the House of Medicine

Cleaning the House of Medicine. A recent report in JAMA Internal Medicine highlights prevailing medical practices that should be “reconsidered” in 2015 based on the weight of evidence.
November 2019

Mental health needs integration into the primary care setting

highlights for the blog.
November 2019

ACP services satisfy a broad array of internists' needs

Consider this admittedly incomplete list of some of the highlights. Over the past 2 years, ACP members have seen the most dramatic change in the presentation of Annals of Internal Medicine
November 2013

"Nightmare" on Hospital Street

The article highlights the rise of carbepenem (CRE) and third-generation cephalosporin-resistant Klebsiella pneumonia strains originally described in ICHE by Braykov et al.
November 2019

Surveillance under pressure

Some of the highlights:. --Over 75% of those surveyed thought it likely or extremely likely that their local surveillance efforts will erode to focus only on those linked to payment policies
November 2019

Tweeting back to the future

In fact, case reports have been resurrected to highlight avoidable care in a new JAMA Internal Medicine series called “Teachable Moments.”.
November 2019

Editor's Note: Zeroing in on SIBO

We look forward to bringing you some highlights! Share yours with us at
May 2019

Internal Medicine 2014: Orlando sun and Doctor's Dilemma® fun

This year's competition will narrow 40 teams down to a top 4 who will compete at the conclusion of the final session, which will feature meeting highlights and take-home
March 2014

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