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Infectious disease doctors tackle bad bugs with fewer drugs

Bartlett said. “But aesthetically, they suck.”. <a name=“s1” id=“s1”>Research highlights at IDSA.
January 2008

Maintenance of Certification and quality: There are two sides

I will try to focus on simplicity: "for" and "against," along with literature that highlights each of these arguments.
November 2019

C. difficile and hospital process measures

This study also highlights the importance of implementation science research to tackle the vexing yet pervasive problem of low and variable adherence to evidence-based interventions for reducing HAI, including CDI.
November 2019

QD: News Every Day--When studies overstate benefits, news reports pass the spin along

These findings raise the issue of the quality of the peer review process and highlight the importance of this process for disseminating accurate research results.".
November 2019

Medical talks in India, part 1

Punjab. PGI–The Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER)–was a major highlight.
November 2019

In the advent of portable ultrasound, the stethoscope still finds use

Recent data on cumulative doses of patient radiation exposure highlights the need for ultrasound use when possible.
November 2019

Transitional care can be effective, underused

daily functioning, ask, “Just walk me through the highlights of your day yesterday.”.
November 2018

End or beginning for mandatory influenza vaccination of health care workers?

Some suggestions:. 1. First, acknowledge that we know the vaccine is imperfect through the develop of communication strategies that highlight the proven benefits of the influenza vaccine to the individual health
November 2019

QD: News Every Day--Opioid-related adverse events cost hospitals $1,000, add one day to stays

A researcher from the study said in a press release that the study highlights the value of a multimodal, opioid-sparing approach to postsurgical pain management.
November 2019

We can be disease proof

It highlights what this would mean if we applied it to ourselves, and those we love.
November 2019

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