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What to do when one expects everything to fit, but it doesn't

Sometimes it is appropriate to discount certain data that do not fit; other times it is not. ... He then returned to the problem of “What do you do when you expect everything to fit, and it does not?”.
January 2010

QD: News Every Day--Mailed outreach, noninvasive options boost colon cancer screening

Screening participation was 40.7% higher for FIT and 24.6% for colonoscopy outreach than the 12.1% rate for usual care. ... Authors wrote, “FIT outreach tripled colorectal cancer screening rates, and colonoscopy outreach doubled the rates compared with
October 2019


9.73 to be exact. Which didn't fit the gameplan we'd discussed.
October 2019

Doctoring the CIA

In order to be considered, you must be physically and mentally fit, and able to pass both a background check and a polygraph test.
October 2019

Bullies and cool kids

Cause all the cool kids they seem to fit in. I wish that I could be like the cool kids. ... The early bloomers ascend to the top while the others settle wherever they can fit.
October 2019

Dangerous electrolytes, part 2

3) These two metabolic problems fit the story perfectly. The patient had both positive ketones and a mildly elevated lactic acid level. ... We expected a metabolic alkalosis with persistent vomiting. The hypokalemia fits the clinical picture perfectly.
October 2019

Patient interaction tips

But some things, while worth sharing, just don't fit neatly into a story.
October 2019

Retrospethics [Updated.]

Tritz underwent 28 rounds of electroshock therapy, a common treatment that sometimes caused convulsions so jarring they broke patients’ bones.
October 2019

Sore throats #thefineprint

Most sore throats are simple. Our job is to recognize when the patient does not fit the usual illness script.
October 2019

QD: News Every Day

In case you missed it. The U.S. fares worse than other industrialized countries in rates of preventable deaths--premature deaths caused by diabetes, epilepsy, stroke, influenza, ulcers and pneumonia--and
October 2019

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