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Global outlook toward improving America's health care system

One question we must always address is how our international activities fit with our strategic themes.
February 2012

Latest updates on ACP's priorities, initiatives

When drafting a resolution, members should consider how well it fits within ACP's Mission and Goals and should use the College's 2018-2020 Strategy and Priority Themes to guide
March 2019

The Match: Lessons from the Board

In one sense, I was absolutely thrilled to match to a program that fit my personal and professional goals.
August 2019

QD: News Every Day--Where the government's inflexibility fails doctors

QD: News Every Day--Where the government's inflexibility fails doctors. Medicare's view on reimbursement is one-size-fits-all, says essayist Joanna Weiss.
August 2019

Find mentoring and networking events that work for you

Choose the events that best fit your needs and your schedule.
March 2009

Laughter in Internal Medicine

and another who didn't see epilepsy as an obstacle to flying a plane.
August 2019

A little holiday fun from the CDC!

Perhaps you want to congratulate a friend on their compliance with epilepsy therapy or suggest that a loved one get tested for syphillis.
August 2019

Overachievers on a plane

which works with my iPhone and fits easily in my purse, my lightweight stethoscope (which actually works, unlike the ones on the plane) and a not-so-basic first aid kit
August 2019

May I call you 'doctor'?

Still, most chose to say "doctor." The reason, I suspect, is that many people want a doctor who fits the part: their idealized conception of a good, caring physician who will
August 2019

Changes coming for colon cancer screening

0.3%), but far fewer adenomas. FIT poses problems as a screening method, according to Dr. ... multi-target stool DNA approach was significantly better than FIT for every analysis and subanalysis,” said Dr.
July 2014

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