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Colorectal screening methods debated

23, 2012, which found that participation rates were 34.2% for fecal immunochemical testing (FIT) versus 24.6% for colonoscopy. ... Corley. As of 2011, more than 80% of members ages 50 to 75 were up to date on colorectal screening, using FIT or some other
June 2016

When we ignore the evidence

They both unfortunately fit the detective that Sherlock criticized:. "You have a solution that you like, but you are choosing ignore anything that you see that doesn't comply with it.".
November 2019

Increasing colorectal cancer screening

Mehta led a study that randomized patients to either opt in or opt out of mailed FIT outreach. ... data show that more patients will get screened if they're offered FIT testing.”.
January 2019

Independence and autonomy

A physician who holds that she should be able to treat every patient as she sees fit, and does so under the banner of physician autonomy, is flying a false flag.
November 2019

Finding theme in team

But as a doctor in relationship with his patients, I know that people never fit totally inside the algorithmic checkboxes we try and put them in.
November 2019

Companies love misery?

Leaving aside the fact that few people manage to be both significantly fat and fit simultaneously, the evidence is now clear that at any given level of fitness, excess body fat
November 2019

Medical news of the obvious

An accompanying editorial concluded that physician employers should try to ensure that there's good "career fit" between docs and their jobs.
November 2019

The Match: Lessons from the Board

In one sense, I was absolutely thrilled to match to a program that fit my personal and professional goals.
November 2019

Is the generation gap a growth opportunity?

Smith said. “I have seen a lot of people in the younger generation who find it hard to fit into the older practice model, but I don't see them walking
April 2008

QD: News Every Day--Where the government's inflexibility fails doctors

QD: News Every Day--Where the government's inflexibility fails doctors. Medicare's view on reimbursement is one-size-fits-all, says essayist Joanna Weiss.
November 2019

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