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Call for fall 2012 Board of Governors resolutions

When drafting a resolution, don't forget to consider how well it fits within ACP's Mission and Goals.
January 2012

Is Garrison Keillor part of your GME?

Is Garrison Keillor part of your GME? I just attended fascinating session offering advice to international medical graduates on how to fit in and succeed in U.S.
August 2019

Concierge practices reviewed as insurance

practice medicine the way they see fit.
August 2019

PMC Tips: Hold to a higher standard on hiring

skills. Also assess how the candidate's personality might fit in with the current team.
June 2008

Expert explains thyroid diagnosis, treatment and common red flags

If the PCP notices that the blood tests are atypical and don't fit a regular pattern, or if a patient is refractory to treatment with thyroid function tests all over
January 2010

DDW: Nonalcoholic steatohepatitis

A diet that fits the patient's personal preference and can be maintained is best," he said.
August 2019

Diagnosis, treatment of chronic sinusitis present challenges

The ideal answer, unsurprisingly, is“ everyone.” Fewer balls are dropped when primary care physicians and hospitalists collaborate on a system that fits their specific circumstances.
January 2011

Tips and tricks for hiring the right people

A good“ fit” can be better than just the right skills and work experience.
May 2011

Evidence-based tips for common illnesses

She has no history of CAD or seizure disorder. Her symptoms begin when she stands up and starts to walk.
July 2008

The secret o' life

I hear you.”.“ See, when you gets up in age, folk get to thinking they got the green light to weigh in on whatever they see fit.
August 2019

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