The Joint Commission advises screening all patients for suicide risk factors using a brief standardized evidence-based screening tool and reviewing screening questionnaires before patients leave the

Preventing suicide in primary care

There is debate over whether screening patients for suicide risk factors actually reduces suicide deaths, yet many primary care clinics are training clinicians and staff to recognize suicide risk factors in their patients.

Maximizing recovery after cardiac events

Heart attack survivors may do quite well after discharge, only to face difficulties returning to work, continuing rehabilitation, or other barriers to recovery.

Opinions can vary on exchanging gifts with patients

Doctors' opinions vary on whether it's a good idea for physicians to give gifts to patients.

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New drugs are being investigated specifically for the prevention of migraines Image by iStock

Set expectations for new migraine treatments

New drugs take aim at migraine prevention, but long-term effects are uncertain.

Hosts of some of the top internal medicine podcasts share how they got started what keeps them going and why they think podcasts are here to stay in medicine Image by iStock

Now trending: Internal medicine podcasts for education

Medical podcasts, videos, and other social media won't replace traditional medical education, yet they have grown to become part of the modern physician's learning toolkit.

Primary care physicians may best e-consult with subspecialists in endocrinology infectious disease neurology and rheumatology because the questions asked are more typically about specific test res

E-consults can empower, burden physicians

E-consults, which have become more common, increase access to subspecialty expertise but can increase stress on primary care clinicians due to the administrative time and clinical effort that they require.

Population management for preventing the 80–20 rule

Chronic conditions require longer and more frequent visits, as well as more care coordination. Learn how to anticipate, plan for, and even prevent intensive resource use.

EpiPen expiration date extended, first generic approved

This column reviews details on recent recalls, warnings, and approvals.

ACP resources aid the practice of medicine

ACP has resources to support internists' ability to care for patients on a daily basis, including regulatory and business factors that impact practice.

Seeking a new vision for American health care

ACP's New Vision initiative will engage all of ACP's policy committees, as well as its membership, in examining what is working well and what is not with American health care.

MKSAP Quiz: Evaluation for palpitations, fatigue

A 78-year-old man is evaluated for palpitations, worsening fatigue, and exercise intolerance. Two months ago, he was diagnosed with atrial flutter and subsequently underwent cardioversion to normal sinus rhythm. Following a physical exam, lab studies, and an electrocardiogram, what is the most appropriate treatment?

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Latest updates on ACP's priorities, initiatives

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Caring for patients in the shadows

This issue also covers suicide prevention, e-consultations, and new treatments for migraines.

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