An estimated 847000 people are living with chronic hepatitis B HBV infection but roughly two-thirds of them dont realize it Liver cancer is the only cancer in the US for which the death rate h

Be proactive about managing hepatitis B

Reports and other guidance on both hepatitis B virus prevention and treatment all have reprised a common theme: Clearly vulnerable individuals are too often missed.


Reflection on the past year as ACP president has taught lessons on advocacy and the scope of medicine, among other lessons.

It's time for doctors to say ‘never again’ to gun violence

Because the public trusts physicians on matters affecting their health, doctors can contribute so much to the fight for commonsense gun policy reforms. Learn how.

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The role of a lifetime in medical education

Standardized patients are used during medical school to ensure physicians develop competencies in communication and physical examination skills.


New internal medicine residency gains foothold in Nepal

Patan Hospital of Nepal, a tertiary-level referral center that treats nearly 320,000 outpatients and 20,000 inpatients each year, began an internal medicine residency program last year.

Physicians say that they are clear on current pneumococcal vaccine recommendations but when tested with questions and case scenarios many of survey respondents answered incorrectly Photo by iStock

Pneumococcal vaccine recommendations can be unclear

While most physicians surveyed about current Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) recommendations responded that they found them to be very clear or somewhat clear, when tested with questions about the recommendations and several case scenarios, many of the survey respondents answered incorrectly.

New Medicare identification cards begin rolling out in April

CMS will begin mailing new cards with Medicare Beneficiary Identifiers (MBIs) to all beneficiaries. Practices are urged to remind patients to look out for their new cards in the mail and to be sure to bring them to their next appointments.

First blood test approved to evaluate concussion

This column reviews details on recent recalls, warnings, and approvals.

Letters to the Editor

A reader responds to coverage about physician exams.

Is that thing on?

This issue covers patients who record physician visits, early interventions for hepatitis B, and the use of standardized patients in medical education.

MKSAP Quiz: Worsening headaches

A 26-year-old woman is evaluated for progressively worsening headaches that began intermittently 6 months ago and became daily 3 months ago. The patient describes bilateral “vise-like” pain that is steady, moderate in intensity, and unaffected by physical activity. She also has experienced brief, temporal, sharp pains and a few episodes of transient binocular visual dimming. Following a physical exam, funduscopy, MRI, and lumbar puncture, what is the most appropriate treatment?

Image  American College of Physicians

Keep it simple for patient portal success

Experts recommend patient portals that implement a more stripped-down approach, with the focus falling on one or two straightforward components such as streamlining appointments and filling prescriptions.

Reducing overuse and misuse in medical care

Proceedings of the 2017 American College of Physicians International Forum

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