Among The Joint Commissions five elements of performance for its new antibiotic stewardship requirement are identifying an individual to lead efforts and setting at least one annual stewardship goal

Antimicrobial stewardship in the clinic

As of Jan. 1, 2020, all ambulatory practices accredited by The Joint Commission, including those providing medical or dental services and urgent care, must meet new antimicrobial stewardship requirements.

Internists must reassume the mantle of the ‘doctor's doctor’

The future of the general medicine specialist is in fact bright, but it will require a significant effort on an individual, professional, and societal level.

Should American health care be tweaked, or overhauled?

If the former, then only modest, incremental policies may be needed to expand coverage at the edges and to lower out-of-pocket costs. If the latter, then more ambitious policies to fundamentally change how health care is financed, delivered, and covered would be needed.

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The rate of ED visits for overdose by opioids heroin or unspecified substances per 1000 visits in Philadelphia more than doubled in a 10-year period from 334 in September 2009 to 735 in Septembe

Planned safe injection site aims to curb overdose deaths

Founders of a new nonprofit in Philadelphia are attempting to open the nation's first legal overdose prevention site.

Efforts are under way to increase nutrition education and awareness among practicing clinicians and medical students Image by kitzcorner

Increasing nutrition education in medicine

Diet-related diseases, including hypertension, diabetes, and obesity, comprise a large portion of primary care visits in the U.S.

Ultrasound proliferates at the point of care

Point-of-care ultrasound technology is now available in a wide variety of inpatient and outpatient settings.

Safety nets catch at-risk patients

Brigham and Women's Hospital has seen positive results from creating ambulatory safety nets for patients at risk for cancer.

Is your practice ‘remote monitoring’ ready?

Adding telehealth to a practice can lower health care costs, expand the patient database, and offer flexible working conditions for physicians and staff.

New report proposes solutions to drug shortages

This column reviews details on recent recalls, warnings, and approvals.

MKSAP Quiz: 2-month history of increased dyspnea

A 48-year-old woman is evaluated for a 2-month history of increased dyspnea, wheezing, and nonproductive cough. She also reports intermittent pain and swelling in the wrists and knees for the past 6 months. She was diagnosed with scleritis of the left eye 1 month ago that improved with glucocorticoid drops. She also had two episodes of right pinna pain, redness, and swelling. After physical examination, what is the most likely diagnosis?

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Latest updates on ACP's priorities, initiatives

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Recalls of generic drugs raise safety concerns

This issue also includes stories on antibiotic stewardship and point-of-care ultrasound, as well as conference coverage from the American Public Health Association and CHEST.

More on the ‘P word’

A reader responds to a recent column on the term “primary care provider.”


In the November/December 2019 ACP Internist, a sentence in the story “New Thinking about Alzheimer's Diagnosis” has been updated at

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