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Qnexa tells us a lot about our desperation to lose weight

That doesn't make it a good idea. Topiramate is an anti-seizure drug. ... But the risk of a grand mal seizure is a very potent incentive.
July 2020

Why I'm skeptical about marijuana's medical benefits

Where does cannabis fit in? The science so far doesn’t look good. ... It followed the sad case of a young girl with a horrible seizure disorder and her parents’ struggle to get her help.
July 2020

What health is for

If the formula that maximizes quality of life varies with our dispositions and character, it is no health professional's place to impose a one-size-fits-all decree.
July 2020

Decision aids integral to shared decision making

When used properly and in the correct situation, decision aids save time and costs by better meeting patient needs and increasing adherence.
May 2019

When we ignore the evidence

They both unfortunately fit the detective that Sherlock criticized:. "You have a solution that you like, but you are choosing ignore anything that you see that doesn't comply with it.".
July 2020

Can we unmuddle mammography?

A 1-size-fits-all approach may attenuate benefit and raise the rates of harm to both groups. ... Evidence-based recommendations about mammography for the population at large where one size must fit all are, for now, ineluctably muddled.
July 2020

Increasing colorectal cancer screening

Mehta led a study that randomized patients to either opt in or opt out of mailed FIT outreach. ... data show that more patients will get screened if they're offered FIT testing.”.
January 2019

Unjunking ourselves!

Another way to go might be to restrict them to a minimum of two gallons so you have to be fit enough to carry one if you want to drink it.
July 2020

Independence and autonomy

A physician who holds that she should be able to treat every patient as she sees fit, and does so under the banner of physician autonomy, is flying a false flag.
July 2020

Medical news of the obvious

An accompanying editorial concluded that physician employers should try to ensure that there's good "career fit" between docs and their jobs.
July 2020

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