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Real meaningful use

My rejection of EMR systems that catered to my previous needs and my quest to build one that fits my current needs have given me the chance to work very hard
November 2019

Laughter in Internal Medicine

and another who didn't see epilepsy as an obstacle to flying a plane.
November 2019

A little holiday fun from the CDC!

Perhaps you want to congratulate a friend on their compliance with epilepsy therapy or suggest that a loved one get tested for syphillis.
November 2019

Overachievers on a plane

which works with my iPhone and fits easily in my purse, my lightweight stethoscope (which actually works, unlike the ones on the plane) and a not-so-basic first aid kit
November 2019

May I call you 'doctor'?

Still, most chose to say "doctor." The reason, I suspect, is that many people want a doctor who fits the part: their idealized conception of a good, caring physician who will
November 2019

MKSAP Quiz: Evaluation for increasing fatigue

This patient's clinical presentation with cytopenias and dysplastic neutrophils does not fit that of CML or other myeloproliferative neoplasms, so performing JAK2 mutation testing or polymerase chain reaction for
September 2019

The folly of ICD-10

It's that there are more preposterous codes in the new list than I could possibly fit in this blog post, even long after I succumb to writers' cramp [F48.8].
November 2019

Anticoagulant choice for stroke won't be easy for some time

It's not a one-size-fits-all drug.”. Most patients would take the 150-mg dose twice a day, but patients with a creatinine clearance under 30 mL/min should
October 2013

ACP helps transform practices to value-based care

So where does the College fit into the picture? ACP is 1 of the 10 supporting organizations, called Support and Alignment Networks, that received grants from CMS to support physicians.
March 2016

Are scribes a potential boon or bane for primary care?

This article delves into when and what to ask patients about sleep difficulties, how to fit a comprehensive assessment into the ever shorter primary care visit, and when to refer patients
February 2012

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