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QD: News Every Day--Exercise may lower hypertension, mortality in patients older than 70

The subjects were classified into 4 categories based on peak METS and adjusted for age: very-low-fit, 2.0 to 4.0 METs (n=386); low-fit, 4.1 to ... 6.0 METs (n=1,058); moderate-fit, 6.1 to 8.0 METs (n=495); and high-fit >8.0 METs (n=214).
July 2020


Was it a dental issue, which is super common in indigent populations, requiring her to get a tooth pulled or to be fit for dentures?
July 2020

Government exercise guidelines

Government exercise guidelines. There are a lot of competing recommendations out there about how much exercise people need to stay fit.
July 2020

Dangerous electrolytes, part 2

3) These two metabolic problems fit the story perfectly. The patient had both positive ketones and a mildly elevated lactic acid level. ... We expected a metabolic alkalosis with persistent vomiting. The hypokalemia fits the clinical picture perfectly.
July 2020

Cirrhosis chalk talk

One might expand this list for some unusual complications, but this list seems to fit the patients admitted to a community hospital and a VA hospital.
July 2020

Doctors as laborers

professional. And where does the patient fit into all this wheeling and dealing?
July 2020

Medical news of the obvious

A new study from the Archives of Internal Medicine finds that "men and women become gradually less fit with age" and that "maintaining a healthy body mass index (BMI), not smoking
July 2020

Companies love misery?

Leaving aside the fact that few people manage to be both significantly fat and fit simultaneously, the evidence is now clear that at any given level of fitness, excess body fat
July 2020

What to do when one expects everything to fit, but it doesn't

Sometimes it is appropriate to discount certain data that do not fit; other times it is not. ... He then returned to the problem of “What do you do when you expect everything to fit, and it does not?”.
January 2010

Mystery novels, cold cases and the diagnostic process

He carefully reanalyzes several pieces of evidence considering how they fit the original assumptions. ... They conceive a certain theory, and everything has to fit into that theory.
July 2020

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