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What will it take to fix the broken reimbursement system?

The main problem with the current Medicare payment system is that compensation is based on volume of procedures. ... Who would be against that? Start with the physicians whose incomes are based on billing for procedures.
November 2008

Expert gives advice on perioperative medication management

So, for example, in a patient with creatinine clearance below 50 mL/min undergoing a neurosurgical procedure, the oral anticoagulant could be stopped 3 to 4 days before surgery. ... Cohn. Patients who have had a recent cardiac event, and those undergoing
June 2014

CMS considers codes for additional non-face-to-face services

CMS also proposes that there be either a Welcome to Medicare visit, also known as the Initial Preventive Physical Exam, defined by Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS) G0402, or an
September 2013

Practice management experts urge docs to use the Web

So she did a study of phone procedures and found that, when patients were placed on hold, 65% of them would hang up within two minutes and 90% would hang up
February 2008

A doctor who embraces change, personally and politically

Such systems typically rely on global budgets and price negotiation to help restrain health care expenditures, which may result in shortages of services and delays in obtaining elective procedures and limit
July 2013

Four more screening, counseling services covered by Medicare

New Health Care Procedure Coding System (HCPCS) codes have been issued for reporting these services.
March 2012

Assess your ability to comply with version 5010 requirements

Follow procedures and make certain that testing is completed;. Be prepared to work with vendors to fix any issues identified during testing and re-test with clearinghouses and payers;.
June 2011

Polypill gets approval, fenofibric acid gets label change

A class I recall of Mizuho OSI Modular Table Systems, used for patient positioning during surgery procedures, because incorrect removal of the T-pins that support the bottom base, instead of
January 2012

What peers are made of and why it matters to medical education

My co-residents and I have helped each other in everything from ordering “Phos/NaK” electrolytes to selecting diagnostic imaging to performing bedside procedures.
January 2013

Indian Health Service reaches across borders within the U.S.

One obstetrics/gynecology volunteer with specialty knowledge in performing laparoscopic hysterectomies visited and began training the local physicians to become more adept at this procedure.
March 2012

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