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Resist the urge to overtreat bacteriuria

pregnant women or individuals prior to a urologic procedure), are not recommended. ... For instance, a urine test is sometimes added to a preoperative workup for a nonurological procedure such as a heart procedure or a hip replacement.
July 2019

How to survive private practice and have a life

Should small-practice doctors perform procedures to enhance revenues and if so, how do they balance that with seeing patients? ... If one procedure takes the same time as seeing four patients, for example, it might not make financial sense.
July 2008

Misusing medical technology and escalating the cost of health care

The pacemaker is expensive and the procedure to place it is expensive as well. ... Once the PCP became aware and intervened, an unnecessary procedure and device were avoided.
February 2020

Expert gives advice on perioperative medication management

So, for example, in a patient with creatinine clearance below 50 mL/min undergoing a neurosurgical procedure, the oral anticoagulant could be stopped 3 to 4 days before surgery. ... Cohn. Patients who have had a recent cardiac event, and those undergoing
June 2014

CMS considers codes for additional non-face-to-face services

CMS also proposes that there be either a Welcome to Medicare visit, also known as the Initial Preventive Physical Exam, defined by Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS) G0402, or an
September 2013

Recommended care, says who?

If you've followed top health news over the past several years you've read conflicting statements about the utility of various medical procedures and tests. ... I recognize that we also have bias, currently, in my view, a growing skepticism of tests and
February 2020

Drawing lines

They have to restrict salt and fluids, and the procedure is so exhausting that some patients rest for the remainder of the day.
February 2020

Infectious tidbits

Lorber said. However, if you're trying to prevent infections after cardiac surgery, there's not enough evidence to justify putting patients on a statin before the procedure.
February 2020

What is a "complete" physical?

What is a "complete" physical? A reader requests: "Can you do a post on what procedures constitute a thorough physical, in your opinion? ... Here's the thing: There is no such thing as a "complete physical examination." There are literally hundreds of
February 2020

Warnings on clopidogrel, high-dose simvastatin, ear candles

and separate during procedures, possibly causing a blockage.
May 2010

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