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Guiding clinicians through GI diagnoses

In addition to the many complications of the various types of procedures, he said there just aren't enough data to recommend surgery for obese patients with NASH.
September 2009

Dr. Nobody

I was Dr. Nobody while I was there. Each patient in that hospital seems like a nobody attached to a set of problem codes and procedure codes (which may, by the
September 2019

Medical missions in Iraq help train next generation of doctors

Based on their answers, he developed specialized seminars and clinical procedure training.
October 2011

Reflections from a physician who faced his mortality

After three months, Dr. Brown arranged for an upper endoscopy. Several days before the scheduled procedure, he developed back pain.
May 2013

Practice management experts urge docs to use the Web

So she did a study of phone procedures and found that, when patients were placed on hold, 65% of them would hang up within two minutes and 90% would hang up
February 2008

The big picture

It's good to have someone without a financial stake in doing surgery, performing procedures, or ordering tests.
September 2019

Wallet X-ray

From the emergency department to the inpatient hospital, to the doctor's office or the procedure suite—at any location where an American might receive health care, you're subject to
September 2019

Causal opacity

He required 17 operative procedures, a 4-week ICU stay, and had numerous invasive devices (including central venous lines, endotracheal tube, urinary catheter, ventriculostomy catheter, arterial line, and external fixating devices).
September 2019

Look for reasons if patients refuse advice

Overall, the procedure for documenting informed refusal can be similar to documenting informed consent, depending on state laws.“ There are standard protocols for recording that you have gone over the options
February 2014

Does the patient need a feeding tube?

Many referring physicians request procedures from us—not our opinions—and expect that their requests will be complied with. ... I've certainly complied with procedure requests for tests that I might not have personally favored.
September 2019

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