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New antibiotics may change inpatient skin infection treatment

You give them a dose of the drug, keep them in for a day, perform the surgical procedure the next day, see that they stabilize, and then you can discharge them,
October 2014

Lab oversight important even for waived testing

Waived tests for in-office procedures such as pregnancy or strep tests may be exempt from government oversight, but that doesn't mean they should be exempt from quality control.
March 2014

CMS expands tobacco cessation counseling, focuses on audits

multiple billings for procedures that would happen no more than once in a lifetime,.
November 2010

Presidential candidates quiet on one health issue: abortion

control). Mr. Obama has avoided answering the when-life-begins question entirely. He is firmly pro-choice, although opposed to late-term procedures except when a woman's health is at
October 2008

Medicare implements new advanced beneficiary notice form

A: Physicians are not required to use the ABN for services that are never covered by Medicare, such as travel vaccinations or cosmetic procedures.
May 2008

Factor frailty into preop assessment

I have to say that I find this quite useful often for educating patients and family about surgical procedures,” she said. ... This is a useful tool for some of these very frail older patients … to be able to say, ‘Listen, you are at hugely
July 2018

Breaking the cycle of patient trauma

Health care systems should integrate knowledge about trauma into their policies, procedures, and practices to help patients heal from past events and current illnesses related to them, as well as to ... To become fully trauma-informed, health care
February 2019

Start preparing now for ICD-10's looming requirements

Hospitals will be required to use both components of ICD-10: the procedure code system (ICD-10-PCS) and the diagnosis code set (ICD-10-CM) on inpatient claims.
March 2011

Cuba is just across the water, but medically, a different world

There were many things they wanted to improve upon—like more access to diagnostic tests, certain medications, and technology for some of the more complicated procedures.
September 2010

Mindful Medicine: Don't confuse correlation with causation

She had undergone a Whipple procedure for chronic pancreatitis. She was previously evaluated at an outside clinic and diagnosed with asthma and allergies.
July 2008

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