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Mindful Medicine: Don't confuse correlation with causation

She had undergone a Whipple procedure for chronic pancreatitis. She was previously evaluated at an outside clinic and diagnosed with asthma and allergies.
July 2008

Breaking the cycle of patient trauma

Health care systems should integrate knowledge about trauma into their policies, procedures, and practices to help patients heal from past events and current illnesses related to them, as well as to ... To become fully trauma-informed, health care
February 2019

Stinting on stents

procedure. That is precisely not the point, and gives the public the incorrect idea that angioplasties are expensive and beneficial luxuries. ... My previous posts about angioplasty:. About a study which showed angioplasty patients did not understand the
October 2020

Start preparing now for ICD-10's looming requirements

Hospitals will be required to use both components of ICD-10: the procedure code system (ICD-10-PCS) and the diagnosis code set (ICD-10-CM) on inpatient claims.
March 2011

Cuba is just across the water, but medically, a different world

There were many things they wanted to improve upon—like more access to diagnostic tests, certain medications, and technology for some of the more complicated procedures.
September 2010

Hire NPs, PAs to boost revenue, accessibility

While they may not be able to handle the same intensity and complexity as a physician, these health care professionals can handle many types of office visits, do certain procedures, support ... Does it need help providing procedures, making rounds or
April 2010

Beware of ‘search satisfaction,’ a common cognitive error

Ehsan Samei, PhD, of the Advanced Imaging Laboratories at Duke University Medical Center, analyzed results from a variety of radiological procedures based on published data in the literature.
May 2008

Educators can help with trainees' depression

Surgical fixes come with their own risks, including, in cases of early knee replacement, the danger of needing a repeated procedure sometime in the future.
April 2016

Help ACP determine Medicare's physician service payments

It also asks the physician to compare the intensity of these activities to other medical services and procedures.
July 2010

Research at SGIM meeting targets prevention

Of course, sometimes even when physicians recommend a preventive health procedure to patients, it doesn't happen. ... of the procedure), the less likely they are to want one.
July 2009

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