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Hire NPs, PAs to boost revenue, accessibility

While they may not be able to handle the same intensity and complexity as a physician, these health care professionals can handle many types of office visits, do certain procedures, support ... Does it need help providing procedures, making rounds or
April 2010

Educators can help with trainees' depression

Surgical fixes come with their own risks, including, in cases of early knee replacement, the danger of needing a repeated procedure sometime in the future.
April 2016

Research at SGIM meeting targets prevention

Of course, sometimes even when physicians recommend a preventive health procedure to patients, it doesn't happen. ... of the procedure), the less likely they are to want one.
July 2009

Success Story: From peer review to practical application

He also placed an instructional video on the department's intranet so the staff could practice the procedure at their own convenience. ... There needs to be follow-through to overcome the barriers for changing procedures in a practice, or nobody will be
July 2009

Beware of ‘search satisfaction,’ a common cognitive error

Ehsan Samei, PhD, of the Advanced Imaging Laboratories at Duke University Medical Center, analyzed results from a variety of radiological procedures based on published data in the literature.
May 2008

Help ACP determine Medicare's physician service payments

It also asks the physician to compare the intensity of these activities to other medical services and procedures.
July 2010

Beyond the annual physical

Higher-level procedures are often underdocumented, for example, and many charts don't note the time physicians spend with patients. ... With the recent expansion of the Medicare Recovery Audit Contractor program from its pilot phase, now is an ideal time
January 2010

Ethics rounds

By signing below, I, (or my authorized representative on my behalf) authorize ____________________ and their staff to conduct any diagnostic examinations, tests and procedures and to provide any medications, treatment or therapy ... Some procedures
July 2020

Medicare, many insurers announce coding rules for H1N1

For the administration, use one of the procedure codes for immunization administration:.
November 2009

ACP Highlights: What's new in other College publications

weekdays. ACP Hospitalist will examine the reasons why mortality might vary at different times of the day and week, then looks at how hospitals can change their procedures to help minimize ... In its 480 modules, PIER covers not only individual diseases
June 2008

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