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Know the rules to avoid common errors, appeal unfair denials

Many payment policies (and claim payment systems) are written so that payment is dependent on specific combinations of diagnosis and medical procedure codes.
April 2010

Crazy ideas

Eventually, they need to come to the office to be seen, either for something needing to be done in-person (examination, procedure, or lab test), or because of the advantages of ... 3. Interventions– medications, lifestyle changes, education, and
August 2019


But no matter how sincere the promises sounded, I was always left alone as it threw its money at every sexy treatment, procedure, or drug that walked by.
August 2019

The basic health care transaction

For a primary care provider, the main“ procedure” is the office visit itself.• The patient history is done to find problems to which procedures can be applied.• The bigger the problems, ... the better the reimbursement for procedures for the
August 2019

Resist the urge to overtreat bacteriuria

pregnant women or individuals prior to a urologic procedure), are not recommended. ... For instance, a urine test is sometimes added to a preoperative workup for a nonurological procedure such as a heart procedure or a hip replacement.
July 2019

The kibosh

Now wouldn't it have made more sense for the FDA to review the literature and consult experts about what optimal testing of donors and safeguards should be for the procedure
August 2019

Weighing the options for bariatric surgery

and is now the most common procedure, he said. At the University of Minnesota, sleeve gastrectomy comprised 55% of procedures performed in 2013, increasing to 75% in 2014.“ We will finish ... Leslie said. The procedure: The rarely performed procedure
January 2016

Recommended: Move hydrocodone combo products to schedule II

A labeling update and drug safety communication on low-molecular-weight heparin, including enoxaparin, regarding the risk of spinal column bleeding and subsequent paralysis after spinal injections, including epidural procedures and
January 2014

Survey finds some patients hate pills more than others

As a result, patient goals should be considered before patients and their caregivers decide on such procedures.
May 2015

Letters to the Editor

He explained,“ You can see more patients and do more procedures if you use a scribe.”. ... Advice from a urologist, who focuses on procedures, does not carry over to internal medicine.
April 2011

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