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Collections for the high-deductible (self-pay) patient

Patients with high-deductible health plans could owe the entire bill at the time of service, including diagnostic testing, procedures, and medications. ... It's one thing to pay for a simple visit, but for visits with more expensive services, such as
November 2016

Ultrasound proliferates at the point of care

confidence in performing safe procedures,” said Davoren Chick, MD, FACP, ACP's Senior Vice President for Medical Education. ... people to perform an invasive procedure without a full understanding of what they're looking at in an ultrasound image.”.
January 2020

Learn proper coding for modifiers 59 and 25

The procedures were done at different anatomic sites on the same date or. ... The procedures were done during different patient encounters, for the same patient, by the same physician, on the same date.
July 2012

MKSAP Quiz: Evaluation of chest pain

One hour after the procedure, she developed an acute arrhythmia. Medications are aspirin, metoprolol, atorvastatin, and clopidogrel.
April 2016

Textbook edition reflects evolution of hospital medicine

The procedure section highlights indications of procedures commonly performed by some hospitalists, the initial assessment, and prevention of complications. ... Does this test or procedure change management by adding value to the person?
February 2017

Target preop visits for efficiency, best outcomes

The patient's medical history is a vital part of risk stratification for any surgical procedure. ... given patient, taking into account the reason for anticoagulation and bleeding risk of the surgical procedure.
September 2014

Letters to the Editor

He explained, “You can see more patients and do more procedures if you use a scribe.”. ... Advice from a urologist, who focuses on procedures, does not carry over to internal medicine.
April 2011

Holy (sacred) cow!

The key finding: “real” stenting produced no measurable benefit in exercise time increment (the primary endpoint) compared with a “placebo procedure.” The study was well done, with true blinding of patients ... Instead, I think this study is
July 2020

Sherpas wanted

Given the severity of his pain, he ended up going to a back specialist to get a procedure to fix the compression fractures and, presumably, reduce his pain. ... Unfortunately, his pain increased and changed after the procedure. It got so bad, in fact,
July 2020

Recommended: Move hydrocodone combo products to schedule II

A labeling update and drug safety communication on low-molecular-weight heparin, including enoxaparin, regarding the risk of spinal column bleeding and subsequent paralysis after spinal injections, including epidural procedures and
January 2014

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