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Adding cosmetic procedures lifts internists' sagging incomes

support and training programs to doctors looking at adding aesthetic procedures to their practice. ... and 9.1 million minimally invasive procedures, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.
February 2008

Sherpas wanted

Given the severity of his pain, he ended up going to a back specialist to get a procedure to fix the compression fractures and, presumably, reduce his pain. ... Unfortunately, his pain increased and changed after the procedure. It got so bad, in fact,
January 2020

Is office colonoscopy ethical?

She believes, of course, that the procedure is necessary as her physician had recommended it. ... When we order a CAT scan, for example, the procedure is always done whether it's needed or not.
January 2020

Dr. Insurance Broker

a "notification number" before performing any pacemaker or defibrillator procedure, I discovered my letter from them dated June 3, 2010, on my desk stating that this requirement will begin September 1, ... 2010, for all Illinois electrophysiologists for
January 2020

Procedure costs and physician income disparity

Procedure costs and physician income disparity. As an internist (yes I am a specialist, just not a subspecialist), I do no procedures. ... Now I understand that procedures are not mindless. Physicians doing procedures must think prior to the procedure,
January 2020


There remain two barriers for patients to access this highly effective therapy: (1) very few physicians perform the procedure, in part, I think, because there is no reimbursement despite the several
January 2020

Ethics rounds

By signing below, I, (or my authorized representative on my behalf) authorize ____________________ and their staff to conduct any diagnostic examinations, tests and procedures and to provide any medications, treatment or therapy ... Some procedures
January 2020

Information plus documentation a must for informed consent

The procedures that are done rarely don't have consents at all,” Dr. ... Gottesman recommends that physicians create them themselves. “You know the risks for every procedure.
January 2012

Ruckus over the RUC

Obvious reasons include more training, differentiated skill, and an ability to handle specific technical and/or surgical procedures that generalists aren't able or authorized to provide. ... The update advises CMS on the "relative value" of an
January 2020

Trick or treat!

The good news is that the procedure didn't impair cancer detection and took only slightly longer than a lunch hour. ... Alternate fat reduction strategy: see some photos of this procedure and develop sudden motivation to skip lunch.).
January 2020

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