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How should we calculate influenza vaccine effectiveness?

1) Why does CDC utilize outpatient, sick controls in their estimates of vaccine efficacy? ... It appears this case-control method is standard in the influenza vaccine literature.
January 2020

The flu vaccine takes a drubbing from its flubbing

movement. The flu vaccine will not provide perfect defense against the flu, not in any year. ... Any flu vaccine flubbing this year was minor, and of the unavoidable kind.
January 2020

HPV vaccine impacts disease, screening

In the U.S., three vaccines are licensed to prevent HPV infection: a bivalent vaccine (Cervarix, approved by the FDA in 2009), which protects against types 16 and 18; a quadrivalent ... had started the vaccine series, the agency reported last August.
February 2017

Get your flu shot

It must be time for flu shots. This season's influenza vaccine has shipped from manufacturers. ... Key Facts About Seasonal Flu Vaccine (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention page).
January 2020

Flu, fools, fanatics, and you

As for the flu vaccine, it is far from perfect, but vastly better than no protection. ... When the correspondence between vaccine and circulating flu is poor, protection is limited.
January 2020

No vaccination, no camp. Finally

Serious vaccination reactions are vanishingly rare, but in order to protect the public and to protect the companies that make vaccines, the government has set up a ā€œvaccine court.ā€ While you ... Thimerosal in vaccines has been found in study after
January 2020

Medical News of the Obvious

Medical News of the Obvious. Finally, a study so shockingly innovative that it will have convince the anti-vaccine activists of the error of their ways. ... It turns out that the chicken pox vaccine actually.prevents chicken pox!
January 2020

Is the meningitis B vaccine for you?

She was well-liked, smart, and healthy. And she had received her meningitis vaccine. ... Three of the most important bacteria that cause the disease now have effective vaccines.
January 2020

QD: News Every Day--Parents still worried about vaccines

But, researchers wrote, high immunization rates aren't the same as high confidence in the vaccines. ... Parents are getting information about vaccine safety and the value of vaccines primarily from pediatricians.
January 2020

ACP Master speaks his mind on H1N1 vaccines for health care workers

ACP Master speaks his mind on H1N1 vaccines for health care workers. .
January 2020

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