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Flu, light, and the truth

Most vaccines provide protection over an extended period of time. The flu vaccine is unique because the influenza germ itself is unique. ... In contrast, the most dangerous flu vaccine in history, the notorious swine flu debacle of 1976, when there were
October 2019

Working while sick

The paper tells us that hospitals can't just mandate influenza vaccine for their workers and think that they have done their job. ... Of note, the rate of vaccination in the survey participants was 45%, and vaccine effectiveness that season was only 19%.
October 2019

Keep up with vaccine recommendations

PCV13's dosing schedule is complex, said Dr. Poland, who helped to author a summary of the newest vaccines along with updated recommendations published earlier this year in Vaccine. ... Dr. Schaffner's recommendation for those vaccines is to write a
September 2013

New herpes zoster vaccine brings familiar challenges

The MMWR published the ACIP recommendations on use of herpes zoster vaccines on Jan. ... You could be left with a big loss on this vaccine if you do not plan ahead, because a lot of times the margin on vaccines in general is very close
February 2018

Health workers, public may refuse H1N1 vaccines

Participants were very concerned that in a pandemic, a vaccine would be brought to market without sufficient testing for safety," researchers wrote. ... And what would be the implications of getting the vaccine.". Meanwhile, a panel of U.S.
October 2019

Sorting out the different flu vaccines

It’s more effective than the inactivated vaccine in children 6 years old or younger. ... But ironically older people have immune systems that have the weakest responses to vaccines.
October 2019

More evidence of the safety and effectiveness of vaccines

Vaccines are an important public health intervention, and we need to watch the vaccine program closely. ... Despite this, vaccine opponents have continued to argue that vaccines are not safe or effective.
October 2019

We're doing it wrong--influenza vaccine edition

As John Treanor and Peter Szilagyi opine in the excellent accompanying editorial, "the apparent failure of influenza vaccine under optimal conditions seen in this study is indeed troubling.". ... When a vaccine's effectiveness causes experts to consider
October 2019

Measles vaccines and the right to refuse treatment

Conversely, Rick Perry some years ago had to walk back his aggressive pro-vaccine stance, when he championed mandating HPV vaccines for young girls. ... Does a parent have a right to deny the measles vaccine for their kids?
October 2019

High-dose flu vaccine for older adults

showed that the antibody response to flu vaccines is significantly lower in the elderly. ... I'm 65 and my husband is older: We opted for the high-dose vaccine.
October 2019

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