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Measles vaccination: a response from Dr. Bob Sears

A radiologist who is anti-vaccine is much less relevant than a well-known pediatrician. ... incorrect practice: “For example, most doctors of Chinese medicine don't offer vaccines.
October 2019

Ebola outbreak holds lessons for world health community

Now, volunteer help is needed with delivery of many regular services, such as attending childbirths or giving vaccines.
June 2015

MERS: a primer

Eye protection (goggles or face shield) is specifically recommended. • At this time, there is no available vaccine or chemoprophylaxis. .
October 2019


I can charge for each vaccine administered, as well as an "administration fee" for the nurse giving it; and.
October 2019

New reasons to worry about e-cigs

Other research has shown that immune response (as tested by a live attenuated flu vaccine) was affected more in women who used e-cigarettes than men.
July 2019

QD: News Every Day--Tweets track vaccination rates and attitudes

Negative expressions spiked during the time period when the vaccine was first announced. ... Later, more-positive sentiments emerged when the vaccine was first shipped across the United States.
October 2019

Fever--hot off the press

A study published in JAMA in 1992 looked at patients 18 to 40 years old who were hospitalized for a vaccine study. ... Prior to getting the vaccine, their temperatures were check four times a day for 2.5 days.
October 2019

Measles in the Magic Kingdom? It's a small world, after all

I know, of course, that many who opt out of vaccines think they are being judicious, invoking everything from vaccine ineffectiveness, to vaccine risks, to the nefarious shadow-world of evil ... It's no contest. The same is true of the vaccines
October 2019

Fecal transplant pills, other innovations in C. difficile treatment

Other approaches currently being investigated by researchers include binders like tolevamer, antibodies derived from bovine milk, vaccines, and monoclonal antibodies.
November 2014

Peanut butter recall issued, reminder for topical anesthetics

Boostrix, a tetanus/diphtheria/acellular pertussis vaccine, for use in adults ages 19 to 64.
March 2009

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