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A primer in safe vaccine management

These easy tips can be implemented in your practice to make sure that you keep your patients, employees and vaccines safe. ... Store vaccines according to the directions. Put them in the center part of the fridge.
July 2010

Follow a few simple steps to ensure safety with vaccines

Vaccine administration. Federal regulation requires that you record the date, time, manufacture's lot number, expiration date, date Vaccine Information Sheet (VIS) provided, and site of administration for every vaccine you ... Refrigerators. Do your
March 2008

QD: News Every Day

Flu vaccination. Health departments in three states began administering the first of the 7 million currently available H1N1 flu vaccine doses this week. ... and Europe. Worldwide, governments have ordered 440 million doses of GlaxoSmithKline's H1N1
July 2020

A pox on your house? How fighting one disease brought back another

One program aims to create a "vaccine barrier" in the Appalachians by dropping oral rabies vaccines into these areas either by plane or by hand. ... Most vaccines must be injected, but there are exceptions, such as the human oral polio vaccine.
July 2020

Post-exposure vaccination for Ebola

The first line of defense for infectious diseases, if available, is a safe and effective vaccine. ... Briefly, the vaccine did elicit a strong innate and virus-specific immune responses.
July 2020

An update on flu season

To make matters worse, though this year's vaccine includes the H3N2 strain, the virus has changed since the vaccine was made, making the vaccine an imperfect match for the circulating
July 2020

Improving your patient's health without hurting the planet

Replace old equipment. Consider replacing old computers, vaccine fridges and other appliances with newer models using less electricity.
September 2008

Attack of the Cuban chickens

actually has a law on the books that would prevent (or at least delay) the sharing of vaccines with any of the Axis of Evil countries (including North Korea, which is ... It's also unclear whether the regulation has any merit, since scientists quoted in
July 2020

Skin patch targets common vacation spoiler

The Lancet reports that a new vaccine skin patch appears to prevent or reduce the severity of traveler's diarrhea. ... And those with the vaccine had diarrhea for just half a day vs.
July 2020

Ode to the bulletproof

They allow us to propagate conspiracy theories about vaccines, while enjoying freedom from the ghastly, historical scourges vaccines so reliably prevent.
July 2020

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