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An update on flu season

To make matters worse, though this year's vaccine includes the H3N2 strain, the virus has changed since the vaccine was made, making the vaccine an imperfect match for the circulating
August 2019

On beyond Zika

That there is no specific treatment for Zika, named after the forest in Uganda where it was first identified, and no vaccine, is because until now the virus has not inspired ... I am reasonably confident that an acute concentration of resources and
August 2019


I can charge for each vaccine administered, as well as an "administration fee" for the nurse giving it; and.
August 2019

Warning about mixing protease inhibitors with statins

A recall of one lot (F73652) of Prevnar 13 pneumococcal 13-valent conjugate vaccine 0.5-mL pre-filled syringes because the lot was formulated and filled with expired serotype 3
May 2012

QD: News Every Day--Drop in vaccination rates linked to autism fears

Medicaid patients may become healthier.". Pediatric vaccines prevent 10.5 million diseases per birth cohort in the U.S. ... Act, which set up a "vaccine court" that acts as an alternative to litigation against vaccine makers.
August 2019

Ode to the bulletproof

They allow us to propagate conspiracy theories about vaccines, while enjoying freedom from the ghastly, historical scourges vaccines so reliably prevent.
August 2019

New hot flash treatment approved, olmesartan label changed

A recall of one lot of Recombivax HB hepatitis B vaccine adult formulation by Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp due to the potential for a limited number of cracked vials.
September 2013

QD: News Every Day--Government-funded vaccinations prevented illness in millions, saved billions

Although most children had a health care provider, providers missed opportunities to give measles vaccine when children were in their offices, sometimes referring low-income children to another clinic where vaccines ... Coverage for many childhood
August 2019

Ebola outbreak holds lessons for world health community

Now, volunteer help is needed with delivery of many regular services, such as attending childbirths or giving vaccines.“ There is a huge need for continued investment in their public health systems,”
June 2015

Make path to health one of least resistance

those patients' rooms and offer to administer a pneumonia vaccine,” he said.“ That's an easy one because widespread pneumococcal vaccination is beneficial and quite cost-effective.”.
May 2008

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