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Preventing suicide in primary care

In the CDC report from earlier this year, firearms were the most common method of suicide overall, leading to 48.5% of deaths. ... This conversation should include options for safe storage, regardless of your opinion on firearms, Dr.
October 2018

How much do we love guns?

has a considerably higher percentage of terrorist attacks that used firearms and firearm related terrorist attacks were more deadly than any other method, including bombs. ... Over half of suicides in the U.S. are achieved with a firearm.
January 2020

ACP's Washington office reviews its own ‘seven days in May’

The first discussion reviewed the causes of and potential solutions to firearms violence. ... The committee had a spirited discussion of studies, summarized by the Washington policy staff, on the relationship between firearms ownership and preventable
July 2013

Trainees take charge at Leadership Day 2019

Photo by Nick Klein. Nearly 400 physicians and future doctors from 48 states and Washington, D.C., focused on reducing prescription drug prices, addressing the public health consequences of firearms, stabilizing
July 2019

Multitasking at the heart of ACP's many roles

calling for commonsense measures to stem firearm violence in our country.
February 2016

Health and handguns

Our failure as a nation to regulate (and outlaw) dangerous firearms is literally killing us.
January 2020

The NRA's extremist agenda endangers us all

VAWA would close both of these loopholes, as recommended by ACP in its recently updated policy paper on reducing injuries and deaths from firearms. ... sense policies to reduce injuries and deaths from firearms, because protecting patients from harm is
May 2019

Latest updates on ACP's priorities, initiatives

ACP's updated position paper on reducing firearm-related injury and deaths in the U.S. ... important anti-gun doctors to stay in their lane.” ACP and Annals immediately responded, asserting that advocacy to reduce firearm injuries and deaths, like any
January 2019

ACP engages in the political process because it is necessary

These policies can make it more or less likely that patients will be subjected to medical errors, be injured by firearms, or be exposed to environmental hazards that adversely affect their
April 2017

Doctors with borders

So, ACP has developed seminal public policy papers on climate change and firearm violence, advocated on behalf of health insurance for all, and issued statements for LGBTQ rights and against ... For climate change and firearm safety, yes, but for domains
March 2018

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