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Deciding which advocacy issues are ‘in our lane’

firearms from those found by a judge to be at imminent risk of using them to harm themselves and others, among other steps. ... That physicians have a right and responsibility to speak out on reducing injuries and deaths from firearms is self-evident to
October 2019

ACP's 2019 advocacy wins set stage for more this year ACP's legislative wins include changing CMS reimbursement rules, boosting research into firearm injuries ... 1, 2021. Other wins included Congress
February 2020

‘This Is Our Lane’ must become a movement, not a moment

sources, ACP's position paper on firearm violence was in the top five percent of all research outlets that Altmetric had ever tracked. ... For physician advocacy on firearm violence to have a lasting impact, it has to be sustained.
January 2019

Improving health of patients, practice environment

Firearms. ACP and its Florida chapter had a big win when a federal appeals court overturned a Florida law that prohibited physicians from discussing gun safety with patients. ... medical schools or physician residency training programs. And we will
March 2018

It's time for doctors to say ‘never again’ to gun violence

Yet since then, the daily toll on people killed or injured from firearms in schools, homes, workplaces, stores, and neighborhoods has continued unabated. ... It will be up to those who believe in reasonable restrictions on firearms to do the hard work of
April 2018

Should doctors be banned from asking if a patient owns a gun?

What we don't want to do is have law-abiding firearm owners worried that the information is going to be recorded and then sent to their insurance company," he said. ... Also, as a gun owner I'm aware there are individuals and groups who want to do away
August 2021

Is more gun control the right prescription?

Individuals who should not be permitted to own a firearm can legally purchase one. • ... I know many gun owners. I understand their passion in protecting their constitutional right to own a firearm.
August 2021

Patients who drink too much

I have decided, for example, not to own a firearm, ride a motorcycle or bungee jump as these activities are not only beyond my risk tolerance threshold, but are also activities
August 2021

Public health as political prisoner

CDC data from 2010 indicate that 60% of firearm deaths are suicides, and more than half of all suicides are by gunshot.
August 2021

Speaking freely of guns

I am about to speak freely of guns, because I can. When I do, many of you will no doubt be inclined to mutter “amen,” quietly to yourselves....
August 2021

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