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Speaking freely of guns

I am about to speak freely of guns, because I can. When I do, many of you will no doubt be inclined to mutter “amen,” quietly to yourselves....
February 2020

Finding common ground

This is especially true today, when partisanship is near an all-time high, according to pollsters, with Democrats and Republicans holding diametrically opposed perspectives on everything from climate change to firearms
May 2018

Deciding which advocacy issues are ‘in our lane’

firearms from those found by a judge to be at imminent risk of using them to harm themselves and others, among other steps. ... That physicians have a right and responsibility to speak out on reducing injuries and deaths from firearms is self-evident to
October 2019

Ebola virus outbreak goes viral!

deaths by firearms this year. • About 100 U.S. highway fatalities daily with a yearly estimate of 30,000 victims.
February 2020

Physicians lose right of free speech

It won’t. A Federal Appeal Court recently decided in a Florida case that physicians could be sanctioned if they asked patients if they owned firearms if it was not medically
February 2020

Merger memories and abiding realities

Deaths and injuries from firearms are not just a result of mass shootings; they are a daily occurrence. ... As an organization representing physicians who have firsthand experience with the devastating impact on patients of firearms-related injuries and
July 2018

An empirical scientific viewpoint about gun control

the populace's ability to acquire firearms legally) is associated with fewer gun deaths.
February 2020

Do doctors have a right to free speech? Hippocrates weighs in

Should a pediatrician, for example, be prevented from asking a parent if firearms in the home are properly secured?
February 2020

ACP Members push for change at Leadership Day

injuries and death related to firearms, and 7) making graduate medical education funding more effective.
July 2018

People and arms, rights, and reason

Their data suggest that 3 factors are responsible for denying Americans the full measure of life enjoyed by our European counterparts: car crashes, drug abuse and poisonings, and firearms.
February 2020

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