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Ebola virus outbreak goes viral!

deaths by firearms this year. • About 100 U.S. highway fatalities daily with a yearly estimate of 30,000 victims.
August 2021

Physicians lose right of free speech

It won’t. A Federal Appeal Court recently decided in a Florida case that physicians could be sanctioned if they asked patients if they owned firearms if it was not medically
August 2021

Do doctors have a right to free speech? Hippocrates weighs in

Should a pediatrician, for example, be prevented from asking a parent if firearms in the home are properly secured?
August 2021

Should American health care be tweaked, or overhauled?

Longevity in the U.S. is on the decline, due to substance use disorders, prescription drug misuse, firearms deaths and injuries, suicides, and maternal mortality, among other causes.
January 2020

People and arms, rights, and reason

Their data suggest that 3 factors are responsible for denying Americans the full measure of life enjoyed by our European counterparts: car crashes, drug abuse and poisonings, and firearms.
August 2021

The Supreme Court, the ACA, and the fate of health care

deaths from firearms, among others.
November 2020

Fake chart note reveals what doctor really thinks

Impression: This gentleman has attained the age of 50 years despite multiple risk factors for death by tobacco, alcohol, firearms and trauma, and one might argue that having navigated circumstances that
August 2021

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