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Medicare pays for annual depression screening

who can facilitate and coordinate referrals for necessary mental health treatment. ... interactions with any mental health professional to whom a patient is referred.
March 2012

Social hospitals

One other line of reasoning asks about HOW we apportion hospital beds, suggesting that maybe we've de-commissioned too many psychiatric beds for treating people with severe mental illness. ... Given the horrible shooting sprees in the news recently,
July 2020

Undiagnosed diseases program tries to crack the tough cases

When a condition stumps the experts, the experts turn to a center of last resort, the federal Undiagnosed Diseases Program at the National Institutes of Health. ... Among the specialties available are rheumatology, immunology, oncology, mental health,
May 2012

The limits of empathy

Motivational interviewing makes sense and is evidence-based for mental health issues, but is it really necessary for treating a cough?
July 2020

‘Party drugs' require hard work to spot and treat

Salvia causes brief, intense hallucinations and can exacerbate preexisting mental health problems.
June 2013

Navigating the improvement activity component of MIPS

Clinicians can choose from over 90 improvement activities in nine subcategories: expanded patient access, population management, care coordination, patient engagement, patient safety, health equity, integration of behavioral health, participation in
February 2017

Cholesterol management becomes more complicated

Technology offers promise in many areas of health care, and potential complications, too. ... Our story reviews the red flags that can indicate a serious problem, screening tools that can be useful, and suggestions on when to refer a patient to a mental
November 2015

Unmasking the patient's hidden agenda

Dr. Gilson has a special interest in mental health, and three days before he saw this patient, he had led a focus group on suicide prevention in primary care medicine. ... Debra Roter, PhD, a professor of health policy and management at Johns Hopkins
September 2009

Breaking barriers to buprenorphine

That's tough for us and for the patients. … We are still working on getting robust mental health and case management services, the things that would make a clinic that prescribes ... The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMSHA)
September 2018

Mind-body role may matter in heart disease

They can do that by coming up with a differential diagnosis that can be treated with targeted mental health interventions, he said. ... And the potential link between mental health and heart disease adds more heft to the connection.
October 2015

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