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Warning on steroids; approval for soft-tissue sarcoma drug

associated serious adverse outcomes, especially those related to heart and mental health, that have been reported. ... potentially leading to death or other serious adverse health consequences.
January 2017

Caring for veterans outside the VA system

Non-VA physicians should stay alert to physical symptoms that might indicate mental health struggles, said Dr. ... Clinicians should also keep in mind that pain can be associated with underlying mental health issues, Dr.
July 2017

Chronic pain program provides model for small practices

Practices participated in 2 CME-certified webinars on pain/mental health assessments and pain contracts/risk assessments and received access to educational resources, including patient education brochures, webinar recordings, quality improvement
November 2015

Maximizing recovery after cardiac events

Meanwhile, depression, anxiety, and other mental health struggles can inhibit recovery in ways that are still being understood. ... Pavlo said. Even if patients don't meet diagnostic criteria for depression or another mental health issue, they may be
October 2018

Bed bug infestations can bring itchy, stressed patients

However, bed bugs can have other insidious effects on patients. “Physicians should not underestimate the emotional distress and the mental health impact of having bed bugs. ... Patients suffering emotional effects may require mental health treatment or,
May 2012

Manage diagnosis, follow-up of depression systematically

It begins with having patients fill out a two-item screening questionnaire for depression, the Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ-2), in the waiting room.
June 2011

2019 International Forum highlights physician well-being

As well, physicians can be susceptible to stress and mental health issues yet are reluctant to disclose these due to the perceived stigma and fear of retribution, often times from our ... to the caregiver culture, the local societal beliefs around mental
October 2019

Antidepressants no easy fix in primary care

Some say mental health care in the primary care setting is the wave of the future,” said ACP Member Robert M. ... Kravitz calls “tantalizing but frustrating”? “Think about treating mental health problems the same way you treat other chronic
January 2012

A neighborhood approach to better health

Not surprisingly, gaps in adequate food and other daily stressors can erode health. ... There were fewer data on nonseniors, they wrote, but there appeared to be a correlation, with food insecurity associated with higher rates of mental health problems,
January 2016

HIV comes of age as disease of mid-to-late life

Mental health symptoms, for example, are more common. Dr. Christoff said that he's become more aggressive in the last year or so about referring patients to psychologists when mental health
November 2011

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