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Mental health issues, addiction concerns of legal marijuana

month). The report noted that substantial evidence in the literature linked marijuana use in adults with effects on cognitive functioning, memory, and mental health issues. ... According to Dr. Voth, concerns about mental health should be high on the
May 2015

QD: News Every Day--States announce tough times for Medicaid, mental health services

QD: News Every Day--States announce tough times for Medicaid, mental health services. ... Particularly at risk in New York are mental health services. (ACP Internist, Wall Street Journal).
July 2020

Is JAMA psychic?

In all seriousness, this mental health parity legislation-- which was attached to a big bailout bill you may have heard about-- was a long time coming. ... It just says that if they already offer mental health coverage, it has to be equal to that of
July 2020

10 tips for well-being amid COVID-19

Now we have this environment where budgets are in bad shape for many health care systems, and support from the county, from the community, from the state, from the federal government ... Addressing and Supporting Physician Mental Health during
July 2020

Preventing suicide in primary care

not have a documented mental health diagnosis, according to results published in June 2014 by the Journal of General Internal Medicine. ... Ratzliff, MD, PhD, director of the university's Advancing Integrated Mental Health Solutions Center.
October 2018

Making space for preconception counseling in primary care

Pregnancy is the ultimate stress test, especially when it comes to cardiovascular health,” Dr. ... It's important for us to talk to them too.”. Dr. Schwarz noted that the effect of pregnancy on mental health is relevant for both women and men, and Dr.
May 2020

Prevent, recognize impairment

In addition, substance use disorders are strongly associated with mental health conditions, which are often stigmatized. ... Barrett said physicians with substance use disorders or mental health diagnoses often continue to provide excellent care.
September 2019

Post-war, vets face new battle with PTSD

Depression rates were 10.3% and 13%, respectively. Veterans' family members may provide a window into a problem with mental health. ... A non-profit network of mental health professionals who provide free services to veterans who served in Iraq and
September 2008

Internists healing tsunami's aftereffects

His suggestions include broadening mental health services to encompass more cognitive behavioral techniques and talk-based interventions, rather than simply prescribing pills. ... They cry in the dark.”. As a result, the mental health support structure
September 2011


The psychiatry team has given their recommendations for the mental health parts.
July 2020

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