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Practice hassles have more docs going locum

But just a few weeks before, he had been covering a low-pressure schedule at a mental health institute in Virginia. ... So. The lifestyle has its downsides, however, Dr. So noted. “There are no health benefits.
May 2009

Social hospitals

One other line of reasoning asks about HOW we apportion hospital beds, suggesting that maybe we've de-commissioned too many psychiatric beds for treating people with severe mental illness. ... Given the horrible shooting sprees in the news recently,
July 2020

Caring for ex-prisoners presents management challenges

medications; transporting and accompanying patients to appointments; and linking patients to community primary care, substance abuse, and mental health treatment offices. ... Department of Justice titled “Indicators of Mental Health Problems Reported
September 2017

Impaired cognition, a long-lasting consequence of the ICU

Impaired cognition after an ICU visit is common, often existing alongside physical debility and mental and emotional problems. ... Jackson. Cognitive impairment may be both confused and combined with the mental health effects of an ICU stay, he explained.
April 2020

The limits of empathy

Motivational interviewing makes sense and is evidence-based for mental health issues, but is it really necessary for treating a cough?
July 2020

Transitional care can be effective, underused

Among the intensive management services used, patients randomized to intensive management frequently required social services and mental health services, Dr. ... Changes in health care costs and mortality associated with transitional care management
November 2018

Matched, sorted: Tips to transition from student to resident

chief wellness officer at the University of New Mexico in Santa Fe and a featured expert in an ACP video on mental health and wellness during residency.
April 2020

Addressing unexpected loss during medical residency

I do think that people attending to their own mental health and well-being throughout is critically important.
March 2019

QD: News Every Day--Patients need prompting to bring up depression

The literature shows this demographic is less likely to use mental health services, and may opt for informal sources of care and support. ... Practical solutions involve actively promoting mental health services in the primary care offices, Dr.
July 2020

When health care workers strike

When health care workers strike. In a relatively unusual development, mental health professionals who work for Kaiser Permanente in California went on strike. ... At issue is the demand for mental health services, and the perception by the employees that
July 2020

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