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Lack of kidneys for transplant raises debates

A shortage of transplantable organs has led to previously unthought-of issues that entangle ethics, policy, costs and clinical complications. ... With not enough kidneys available to meet transplantation needs, issues of access and ethics will
February 2011


medical ethics.
July 2019

Survey finds some patients hate pills more than others

1. Consider the legal and ethical framework for withholding/withdrawing LST. 2.
May 2015

Lawmakers try to ‘script’ what doctors say

Winslade, who also teaches medical ethics at The University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston.
January 2012


medical ethics.
July 2019

Preserving the clinical relationship in the age of digital health

As history also reminds us, some ethical concerns turn out to be exactly that: concerns that ultimately remain unsubstantiated. ... Whether diametrically opposed or not, ethical principles should always be simultaneously considered and blended in EHRs.
July 2015

Make that three.

And what did they go off on first? Yup, again, it was the work ethic of my generation. ... And for those tracking the Gen X work ethic, that was after 5 pm!).
July 2019


interpersonal skills and communication (hey, I kinda like that.). --professionalism (for sure, right?).
July 2019

Letter to the editor: politics and patient care

The College has impact and influence not only through its educational efforts but also through its ethical and professional standards and its advocacy for patients and physicians. ... ACP needs to engage in dialogue on legislative, ethical, educational,
June 2017

Mississippi learning

The conditional release set off a furor in parts of the medical community, particularly the transplant and medical ethics sectors. ... medical ethics.
July 2019

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