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IMGs get acculturation advice from a veteran

Many of these issues are components of medical professionalism, a topic that may not have been as thoroughly covered in foreign medical schools. ... When I came through medical school in the early β€˜80s, I had zero lectures on professionalism or ethics.
June 2010

Letters to the Editor

If that's not a professionalism issue, what is? Norman Jensen, MD, MS, FACP.
January 2012

Session snapshot

She maintained 100% professionalism despite the fact that two fire alarm strobes were flashing directly behind her during most of her talk.
May 2019

Cruel shoes

medical students in both internal medicine and medical ethics.
May 2019

SPRINT stopped

The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute announced that is was stopping the SPRINT (Systolic Blood Pressure Intervention Trial) study ...
May 2019

Still caring

I got a call from a patient who had a family member sick and in the ICU. She wondered if I could come over β€œto offer support.” Even though t...
May 2019

Wrong answer

This morning I stumbled upon this piece, Wrong Answer (free full text here ), by Rachel Aviv in The New Yorker . It's an old article from 2...
May 2019

The vegan argument

No. But we can't say it isn't, either. And when other considerations are factored in- such as the ethical treatment of other species, and environmental impact- the arguments for ... and does not eat any mammals and most other animals for ethical reasons.
May 2019

Determining actionability of genetic findings in clinical practice

The medical, ethical and legal challenges of incidental findings in routine clinical care, especially with the advent of very low-cost exome or whole-genome sequencing, are daunting and just beginning
July 2012

Boomers 2011

medical ethics.
May 2019

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