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Medical professionalism faces new challenges, opportunities

Medical professionalism is the set of values, behaviors and relationships that helps us maintain this trust. ... responsibility. We must convince payers that they too should follow the tenets of medical professionalism as they share responsibility for
January 2012

Son's plea to prolong life at any cost sparks ethical quandary

What ethical grounds could ICU staff have for refusing, allowing her to die when she might live? ... The opinions expressed in this column represent the views of the contributor and do not reflect the opinion of the American College of Physicians or the
September 2008

The ethics of performance measurement

The ethics of performance measurement. For years I have argued that performance measurement has significant potential for unintended consequences. ... As I read the article, the implications of the ethical arguments stimulated my thoughts about
September 2020

Patients and prayer amid medical practice

Sulmasy, Kilbride-Clinton professor of medicine and ethics in the department of medicine and divinity school at the University of Chicago. ... Fleming, who chairs ACP's Ethics, Professionalism and Human Rights Committee. Those beliefs often stem from the
October 2012

A ‘smart’ approach to performance drugs

There are few ethical guidelines from medical societies about the use of smart drugs. ... So the question here would be, is this an appropriate care option for healthy people?” said Lois Snyder Sulmasy, JD, director of ACP's Center for Ethics and
November 2017

Sustained change a challenge for health

who chairs ACP's Ethics, Professionalism and Human Rights Committee. ... American College of Physicians. Ethical Considerations for the Use of Patient Incentives to Promote Personal Responsibility for Health: West Virginia Medicaid and Beyond.
May 2016

Nominees named for College Officer and Regent positions

Committee, 2010-2011; Vice-chair, Ethics, Professionalism and Human Rights Committee, 2011-2013; Chair, Reference Committee, Board of Governors Spring Meeting, 2010; Executive Committee of the Board of Governors, 2011-2012; ... Chair, Ethics,
November 2016

Prevent, recognize impairment

Professional duties require physicians to recognize and address physician illness and impairment, according to the position paper, which was developed by ACP's Ethics, Professionalism, and Human Rights Committee. ... Candilis PJ, Kim DT, Sulmasy LS; ACP
September 2019

Do placebos have a place in clinical practice?

This flies in the face of the American Medical Association's ethics policy, which prohibits placebo use without a patient's knowledge on the basis that it undermines trust and could ... See sidebar: “Are placebos ethical?”). “It's clear from the
April 2009

Lebron James and medical ethics, let me explain

Lebron James and medical ethics, let me explain. Medical ethical issues confront physicians daily. ... Many ethical decision points are rather quotidian, not situations that would serve as content for bioethical conferences.
September 2020

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