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Forgive me

But it seems to me that mental health professionals can only clarify the patient's goals and feelings, clarify if the ethical damage can be undone, and work through the feelings.
September 2020

Making nice

medical ethics.
September 2020

Bringing medicine back to the bedside

MD, MACP, distinguished professor of medicine and director of the Center for Medical Humanities & Ethics at the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio.
February 2018

ACP's international presence promotes better clinical care

All of these invitations have been forged by over 100 years of College leadership in medical education, ethics, and high standards in the practice of medicine.
February 2017

ACP expands its global reach

Value International Care: How Other Countries Are Choosing Wisely in Using Limited Health Care Resources”; “Emerging Infectious Diseases: An International Perspective on Ebola”; and “Ethics, Law, and Shared Decision Making: Multicultural
January 2016

Reflecting on a busy year and on returning home

The College serves many roles for our specialty. It defines our professional values, prescribes and monitors our ethics, develops programs and products that set the standards for internal medicine education, nurtures ... the College in areas as diverse
April 2013

ACP issues telemedicine recommendations

Physicians should not compromise their ethical obligation to deliver clinically appropriate care for the sake of new technology adoption.
October 2015

Maintenance of Certification is needed, but it needs to change

ACP's Ethics, Professionalism and Human Rights Committee characterizes the continuing advancement of competence as a professional obligation for all of us who see patients; a mechanism for verification of this
October 2013

Shaken, but not deterred

As we approach our “new normal,” it will be together and with the highest ethical principles and with the highest regard for the health and health care of every single person
May 2020

Reflecting on a year of service, leadership, honor and privilege

In this seemingly endless season of perfect storms, the College most importantly is our anchor to professionalism. ... With the College's guidance and help, we have been able to preserve and enhance the relevancy of our unchanging traditions and
April 2010

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