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Colorectal screening methods debated

But Dr. Bernstein said he was troubled by the ethics of randomizing patients to colonoscopy versus stool tests in ongoing research trials.
June 2016

Letters to the Editor

ACP frequently refers to the concept of professionalism. However, an important component of professionalism, autonomy, is conveniently ignored.
March 2015

Making nice

medical ethics.
January 2020

Building the medical home starts in school

vice president for medical practice, professionalism and quality.
November 2011


He was also coauthor of the second edition of the ACP Ethics Manual and coauthor of ACP's first paper describing the need for universal access to health care.
March 2018

MD vs NP

Some friends and I have a piece posted on the Health Affairs Blog . One co-author is a doctor, the other is a nurse practitioner (NP). He ru...
January 2020

Letter to the Editor

A reader reacts to ethics surrounding civilian and war-time prisoner containment. ... Regarding the article “War dilemmas put medical ethics under fire” (ACP Internist, July/Aug 2008), the two cases presented should not pose ethical dilemmas to any
September 2008

May I call you 'doctor'?

She shares her ideas on education, ethics in medicine, health care news and culture.
January 2020

Quality and cost of care at the end of life

It's about professionalism, leaning in, and being compassionate. Having meaningful discussions with our patients when it's hard and when they need physicians the most is being patient-centered and
March 2015

Improving teamwork through the selection of students

Upon further consideration, however, glaring omissions emerge. The courses and experiences that enable reflection, social awareness, and teamwork (e.g., ethics, psychology, social studies, humanities, and volunteerism) are often encouraged for
January 2015

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