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Risk of financial abuse in elders should draw internists' attention | ACP Internist

An expert counsels internists to consider screening their elderly patients for financial abuses, from investment scams to pressure from family members. Doctors can partner with financial experts to prevent financial exploitation.
July 2012

Years after leaving practice, some doctors choose to return | ACP Internist

Physicians sometimes take up the stethoscope again, years or even decades after having involved themselves in other personal or professional pursuits. Programs exist to draw these doctors back into clinical practice, where they are needed.
February 2011

The danger of hospitalization : ACP Internist

As an academic hospitalist, I see how the hospital affects patients. The hospital has become a necessary evil for those who are very sick. B...
April 2019

PQRI improvements based on physician feedback, says CMS | ACP Internist

Medicare's pay-for-reporting program, the Physician Quality Reporting Initiative provides more and different options for physicians to report on quality measures, and staying current on the rules and requirements can be a challenge.
April 2009

IM 13: Not all elderly are the same : ACP Internist

Treating cancer in elderly patients is difficult, acknowledged Andrew E. Chapman, DO, FACP, in an Internal Medicine session this morning on ...
April 2019

Meeting baby boomers' high expectations | ACP Internist

Baby boomers may seek a level of health care that isn't always realistic. Learn how to address their needs while carefully transitioning them into their golden years.
July 2012

Diving into delicate patient conversations | ACP Internist

Delivering unpleasant news is one of the hardest tasks a physician faces. Assessing sensitive topics heightens the difficulty, and two physicians at Internal Medicine 2012 address ways to handle especially sensitive areas: sexual history, and the
June 2012

Treat the epidemic of medical nonadherence | ACP Internist

Multiple diseases and multiple medications can lead to some patients not following their medical regimens. Experts are examining why in an effort to help improve nonadherence rates that can reach 50% by some estimates.
May 2014

QD: News Every Day--Elderly women inappropriately given antibiotics for suspected UTIs : ACP Internist

Nearly half of older women diagnosed with a urinary tract infection (UTI) in an emergency department setting did not have confirmatory findi...
April 2019

Nominees named for ACP Officers and Regent positions | ACP Internist

The Nominations Committee of the American College of Physicians places nominations for President-elect, regents, and others.
November 2008

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