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Reconcilable differences : ACP Internist

During med reconciliation with a patient recently “You're taking the pills in this bottle?” “That bottle there?” The Grady elder picked it u...
April 2019

Obituaries | ACP Internist

ACP recognizes former College officials who have passed.
October 2015

Sherpas wanted : ACP Internist

2015 was a hard year for my father. He's a remarkably healthy 89-year-old, with no diabetes, no hypertension, and (most importantly) he's go...
April 2019

Will baby boomers' clout lead to better care for the elderly? | ACP Internist

Geriatrician and author Robert Butler, MD, has long been involved in activities that have changed the way the U.S. medical establishment and the public view aging.
February 2008

Incentive programs yield mixed results for expectant internists | ACP Internist

Three programs that promised more reimbursement for primary care delivered mixed results. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services laid out who actually received more for using computers in medicine, and how much.
July 2011

Nominees named for College Officer, Treasurer and Regents | ACP Internist

The Governance Committee of the American College of Physicians placed in nomination candidates for leadership positions.
November 2012

Pioneering internist is still outworking peers at age 80 | ACP Internist

Edith Irby Jones, MACP.
June 2008

Letters to the Editor | ACP Internist

Readers submit their thoughts on using scribes and paying for medical school.
April 2012

Age is just a number, right? : ACP Internist

In case you missed them, a couple of lay press articles hammered home the idea of our lifespans being finite. First there was Zeke Emanuel’s...
April 2019

QD: News Every Day--Baby boomers face care shortage for mental health, substance abuse issues : ACP Internist

Without a comprehensive overhaul, millions of baby boomers will likely face difficulties getting diagnoses and treatment for mental health c...
April 2019

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