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Integrate palliative care from early illness onward | ACP Internist

The medical community has made progress in palliative care, moving it from the end of the line to a part of a terminal illness' earliest aspect of care.
June 2011

Physicians step up as initiatives change nursing home care | ACP Internist

Internists who work with and in nursing homes can participate in and perhaps lead national efforts underway to improve the quality of care for patients with dementia.
May 2015

In the News | ACP Internist

The latest news and clinical studies affecting internal medicine, from the files of ACP InternistWeekly.
June 2009

Talking points on palliative care address public, patients | ACP Internist

Experts decry “death panels” as a step backward for the public perception of palliative care. Clarifying its scope would help the profession move forward, according to speakers at a recent conference.
June 2011

Simple tools, teamwork manage depression in primary care | ACP Internist

Embedding mental health professionals directly into a primary care setting threatens to add complexity to primary care's already hefty ‘to do” list. Clinics that have accomplished that task explain how not only was it easier than expected, but
March 2011

More than a notion : ACP Internist

“She needs a nursing home,” someone said. It was all matter of fact; the way such things are always mentioned on rounds with those frail eld...
April 2019

Consensus lacking on lifestyle and dementia | ACP Internist

Boosting exercise, controlling blood pressure, and pursuing cognitive training are likely to lower the risk for cognitive decline and dementia in the long term, although the evidence is not conclusive.
October 2017

Losing Money on Medicare : ACP Internist

Medicare, the government insurance company for everyone over age 65 (and for the disabled), pays fees to primary care physicians that guaran...
April 2019

Preventing falls in older patients : ACP Internist

Falls are the most common cause of injury in adults 65 years or older. About one third of adults in that age group fall at least once per ye...
April 2019

QD: News Every Day--Brain training finds way to keep seniors' minds sharper : ACP Internist

Advanced cognitive training helped elderly people maintain their functioning, and the effect lasted a decade after the training stopped, a s...
April 2019

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