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Alzheimer's markers make management tougher | ACP Internist

New guidelines and diagnostic advances are identifying Alzheimer's disease and its precursors much earlier in the course of the disease. The bad news is that, for now at least, these improvements may only create more dilemmas for general internists
September 2011

Boomers 2011 : ACP Internist

In 2011, the first wave of baby boomers will turn 65 years old. Sixty-five still has currency because that's the age at which non-disabled ...
April 2019

Obituaries | ACP Internist

Obituaries for Jose A. Filos-Diaz, MACP, Allan L. Goulding, FACP, and Raymond H. Murray, MACP.
November 2009

Letters to the Editor | ACP Internist

ACP members take the organization to task for its positions on modifying reimbursement to doctors, and the organization's legislative leader offers a wider viewpoint on the issue in response.
September 2012

Positions on health care reform aren't all black and white | ACP Internist

ACP's health care positions can't be neatly labeled as coming from one political perspective or another. A wide array of issues requires consideration.
July 2012

Target preop visits for efficiency, best outcomes | ACP Internist

Internists can guide preoperative anticoagulation, ensure that patients are in optimal condition for procedures, and##mdash;perhaps most importantly##mdash;judiciously choose which tests to perform and which ones aren't needed.
September 2014

QD: News Every Day--Internists mixed in their views on managing opioids : ACP Internist

Nearly 60% of internists say they're confident that they can manage patients on opioids, but 40% either aren't confident or don't do it at a...
April 2019

Over and out : ACP Internist

I highly recommend a provocative essay by Ezekial Emanuel that appears in the October 2014 issue of the Atlantic. Dr. Emanuel is a prominen...
April 2019

Risk of financial abuse in elders should draw internists' attention | ACP Internist

An expert counsels internists to consider screening their elderly patients for financial abuses, from investment scams to pressure from family members. Doctors can partner with financial experts to prevent financial exploitation.
July 2012

Years after leaving practice, some doctors choose to return | ACP Internist

Physicians sometimes take up the stethoscope again, years or even decades after having involved themselves in other personal or professional pursuits. Programs exist to draw these doctors back into clinical practice, where they are needed.
February 2011

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