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Textbook edition reflects evolution of hospital medicine | ACP Internist

The first update of “Principles and Practice of Hospital Medicine” exemplifies how hospital medicine has evolved and the skills that hospitalists need to have.

Hospice: mission creep : ACP Internist

Doctors are asked to sign things all the time: prescriptions, home nursing care plans, death certificates, diabetic shoe forms. Less frequen...

Put words in our mouth | ACP Internist

February's winning entry.

Nominees named for College Officer and Regent positions | ACP Internist

The Governance Committee of the American College of Physicians places in nomination candidates for Officer and Regent positions.

Remember this. : ACP Internist

The British may have more health care coverage than we do, but at least our old people have better memories. Or so finds a new a study in BM...

Caregivers : ACP Internist

It was a straightforward phone message (names changed): "Hey Dr. S., this is Bobbie Jones, April Dixon's granddaughter. I was calling to inf...

Alzheimer's markers make management tougher | ACP Internist

New guidelines and diagnostic advances are identifying Alzheimer's disease and its precursors much earlier in the course of the disease. The bad news is that, for now at least, these improvements may only create more dilemmas for general internists

Obituaries | ACP Internist

Obituaries for Jose A. Filos-Diaz, MACP, Allan L. Goulding, FACP, and Raymond H. Murray, MACP.

Letters to the Editor | ACP Internist

ACP members take the organization to task for its positions on modifying reimbursement to doctors, and the organization's legislative leader offers a wider viewpoint on the issue in response.

First do no harm : ACP Internist

One of the ancient principles of medicine is Primum non nocere , the Latin phrase that means "First, do no harm". It means that sometimes do...

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